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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. Ruling shows the interior of men.
2. Authority is the gift of Allah on His land.
3. The tool of ruling, is the wide chest. [Wide chest means to have patience].
4. No ruling for him who is out of manners and runs after the play.
5. No domination for him who does not bear his brothers.
6. Justice is the virtue of the ruler.
7. Justice is he ornament of the leadership.
8. No injustice like the injustice of the ruler.
9. The viceroys of injustice are the most devilish of this nation.
10. The bad ministers are the helpers of the unjust ones and the brothers of the sinners.
11. Politics of passion is a good one.
12. Nothing gained countries like justice.
13. The rule is not complete for him who does not allow.
14. Who wrongs a ruler, then he offered himself for humiliation.
15. Who seeks the rule, should be patient for the bitterness of politics.
16. Who rules with injustice, people shall wish for his death.
17. Who takes pride in his rule, shall make his stupidity apparent.
18. Who owned shall monopolize.
19. Who was unjust in his ownership, he shall speed up his doom.
20. Who fears your whip, shall wish for your death.
21. Who entrusts your goodness, shall have the pity on your rule.
22. It is but a few that the companions of the kings do last.
23. In injustice, lies the doom of the people.
24. Whose rule was unjust, his land shall be doomed.
25. In justice, the fixation of the people.
26. The fix of the people is justice.
27. The most devilish of kings is he who opposes justice.
28. The most devilish of viceroys, whom the innocent fears the most.
29. A mighty lion that eats too much, is better than a viceroy that is ignorant and unjust.
30. The most devilish of princes, whose lust was a prince over him.
31. The ornament of the king, justice.
32. The time of the just is the best of times.
33. The time of the unjust is the most devilish of times.
34. The head of politics is to use passion.
35. The best of politics, justice.
36. It is a right upon the king to train himself before his soldiers.
37. The love of rule, that is the head of adversities.
38. The good justice, that is the system of the creations.
39. The good politics, that is the straight path of the people.
40. The good politics, shall make ruling last.
41. The generosity of the viceroys with the money of the Muslims, that is unjust and evil.
42. The stability of lands is based on justice.
43. The crown of the king is his justice.
44. Your pride in ruling, is humility when isolated.
45. The worst of friends are the kings.
46. The worst of politics is injustice.
47. By justice, the blesses are multiplied.
48. By justice, the people are fixed.
49. If you are made a viceroy, then be just.
50. If the lower ones ruled, then the virtuous ones shall die.
51. When the means conquer, the generous shall be wronged.
52. If the time turned bad, at then, the mean ones shall rule.
53. If the ruler made you closer, then glorify him more. [It is apparent that this phrase concerns the just ruler, or it is in the way of avoiding the harm of the ruler].

54. The beast of the kings is the bad reputation.
55. The beast of the leaders, the bad politics.
56. The beast of ruling, the pride.
57. The most dignified of princes, whose lust was not a prince over him.
58. The most dignified of kings is he who owned himself and spread justice.
59. The best of kings in manners is he who owns the people with his justice.
60. The best of kings whose soul was more chaste.
61. The most ugly thing (in life), the injustice of the viceroys.

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