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The prince of believers (puh) said:

1. People are equal in shapes *** Their father is Adam and the mother is Eve.
2. Verily the mothers of people are containers *** kept away and for lineages there are fathers.
3. And if they have in their origin some honour *** that makes them proud, then mud and water.
4. Virtue is verily for the people of wisdom for they *** are guided and guiders for anyone asking.
5. And the value of a person is what he does best *** and the ignorant ones for the wise are enemies.
6. Thus stand up with a wisdom, and do not ask for a change *** For people are dead, and wise men are alive.

7. And may there be a brother that I did his right *** but no loyalty lasts for him.
8. Every affection shall be clear for Allah's sake *** but wickedness is not clear with brotherhood.
9. And every injury has a medicine *** and the bad manner has no medicine.
10. And luxury is not lasting forever *** and so is the poverty shall not.
11. If I denied a promise from a loved one *** the in myself lies generosity and shyness.
12. And the smart wise kid is he who when *** life becomes treacherous, he is not sorry for it.
13. If destiny decided a matter upon you *** then nothing shall solve it except of destiny itself.
14. Take a little for everything *** from this life has an end.
15. Be aware of this life for its field *** is a place of ending and not settling.
16. And living is not done by wishing *** but drop your bucket with the buckets.
17. Who died and rested is not a dead *** but the dead is the dead amongst the living.
18. And how many those who run after wealth but did not get it *** and others did not run but got wealthy.
19. Your life is counted breaths, every time *** a breath goes away, a part of you is taken.
20. By your life, a human is measured only by his religion *** so do not leave piety depending on ancestry.
21. For Islam raised Salman of Persia *** and paganism put down the master, Abu Lahab. [Salman is a companion of the prophet Mohammed (puh) and was from Persia. They say his real name was something else other than Salman and the prophet himself called named him Salman, and the prophet himself said about him "Salman is one of us, folk of the House," meaning he is considered to be a member of the holy family of the prophet (puh) although he was a stranger. He was originally raised in a fire-worshipping community and converted to a Christian monotheist, until the raise of Islam when he became a muslim and a companion for prophet Mohammed (puh).  Abu Lahab is the prophet's own uncle who opposed his nephew and harmed him in the beginning of Islam].

22. I taught myself the manners and did not find for it *** except of fearing God to be the lesson.
23. If it is made of silver, your speech O *** soul, then silence is verily made of gold.
24. And all the troubles when they arrive *** then linked to them a close by relief.
25. If this life was generous to you then be generous with it *** over the people, for it flips over and over.
26. Cover your brother over his flaws *** and veil and cover his sins.
27. And be patient for the injustice of the silly *** and for the time and its matters.
28. But the fortunes are a luck and a destiny *** by the favour of a King and not by a trick of a seeker.
29. Beauty is not by garments that ornament us *** but beauty is the beauty of mind and manners.
30. The orphan is not whose father is dead *** orphan is verily who is orphan of wisdom and manners.
31. Do not seek a living by humiliation *** and avoid yourself from seeking the low.
32. The flaws of a man are covered by his growing money *** believed in what he says while he was lying.
33. And puts down the mind of the wise because of lack of money *** people make him stupid while he is a smart one.

34. And patience in the adversities is hard *** but harder is to miss the rewards.
35. And everything sought after is near by *** and death is closer than everything.
36. Wear the cloak of patience at the time of adversities *** and you shall gain from patience, the good endings.

37. And be a friend for kindness in every scene *** for kindness is the best companion and friend.
38. And be a saver for the covenant of the friend and a protector *** and you shall taste from the complete protection the clearest drinks.

39. And be grateful to Allah for every favour *** and He shall reward you for it with many gifts.
40. And be a seeker for the fortune from the doors of Halal (law) *** thus fortune will be multiplied for you from all the sides.

41. And save your face's water (dignity) and do not give it *** and do not ask the low ones for a favour.
42. And be hospitable for the friend whenever he comes *** to you, with true affection that is required from you.

43. O son, fortune is taken care of *** thus you must seek the beautiful.
44. Do not let the money be your own gain *** and the protection of your God make it as a gain.
45. The Lord took care of giving every living *** and money is borrowed, that comes and goes.
46. Fortune is faster than the looking of an observer *** for a road, to a human when he is crossing.
47. And lower your wings for the friend and be for him *** as a father who bends down to his children.
48. And the guest be hospitable for him as much as you can *** until he seems like a heir with some connection.

49. And let your friend be, who when you be a friend of him *** he keeps the friendship and protects for you.
50. And save your friend in all situations *** and go along with someone who does not lie.
51. And desert the liar and his closeness and his sides *** for a liar shall make dirty who goes with him.
52. Thus, for the obedience of Allah hold on and win *** verily the pious is the beautiful and the respected.
53. And work for his obedience and you shall gain His satisfaction *** for the obedient to his God shall be a close one.

54. And be satisfied for satisfaction bears relaxation *** and being despaired of what was missed that is what is required.

55. And if you saw the friend with flattery *** then he is the enemy and his right is to be avoided.
56. No good is there in the affection of a flatterer *** with sweet tongue and a fire in the heart.
57. Verily the wealthy of men is dignified *** and you see what he has is sought after and he is feared.
58. And poverty is bad for men for it *** can lower down the courageous, the smartest and the noblest.
59. And lower down your wing for all the relatives *** with humility and allow them if they have mistaken.
60. And let go of the liar and do not let him be your friend *** for a liar is the worst of friends to be.
61. And let go of the envious even if he was clear for you *** get him away from your sight and not begotten.
62. And weigh the talk if you spoke and do not be *** blabbering in every gathering you would speak.
63. And save your tongue be aware of what it says *** for a person might be safe and endangered by it.
64. And the secret you shall keep and never say *** for it is the prisoner with you if not taken away.
65. Do not be a miser for misery do not add up *** to the fortune but tires the miser and troubles him.
66. Keep the trust and avoid the treachery *** and be just and do not wrong thus you gained the sweet.
67. And be aware from the wronged one for a direct arrow *** and know that his prayer has no veil (to Allah).
68. O builder of your high palace, make it low *** for you (will be) living in the ruined grave.
69. Life is but a field *** life has no stability.
70. Life is but like a house *** woven by the spider.
71. Thus death is true and dying is but a sip *** that comes to you so start up the charity.
72. Passion is a bless and patience is happiness *** thus be patient in a matter and success is yours.
73. The friend of my enemy enters my enmity *** and I am for whom befriended the friend, a friend.
74. And do not delay doing the good for tomorrow *** maybe tomorrow will come and you are missing.
75. The preacher do not fix the heart of someone *** who Allah did not decide to guide.
76. And the happiness do not last for people *** and the bad luck is erased by nights of the good luck.
77. If the kid went up to the high places *** then the least important to be missed is the sweet sleep.
78. The thoughts of men are about many things *** and my thought in this life is to get a helping friend.
79. For death in us there are correct arrows *** if one today was missed by an arrow he shall not tomorrow.
80. Be sure to be good to both your parents *** and goodness to the close ones and the far.
81. And by Allah, take the refuge and do not seek someone else *** and do not be neglectful to His favours.
82. And compete in giving money to gain the highness *** by a determination of a good-mannered and glorified one.

83. You hope in this life for long and you do not know *** if night comes would you live until dawn.
84. For how many are there of healthy ones died for no sickness *** and how many are there of sick ones that lived from time to time.

85. And how many are there of kids that by night and morning he is safe *** and his coffins are woven but he does not know.

86. O seeker of happiness in life without disturbance *** you asked for non-existent thus despair from winning.

87. In cowardice lies shame and in courage lies honour *** and who escapes shall not be safe from destiny.
88. The pleasure disappears from who got his lust *** by the Haram, and remains the sin and the shame.
89. This life for its seeker is *** but tiredness and he does not know.
90. When it comes it makes him busy from his faith *** or when it goes away it makes him busy with poverty.
91. I found out and days bear an experience *** for patience there is an ending that is good in consequence.
92. There are few who work on their requests *** and took the patience along then surely they are winners.
93. There is a habit for me in every day *** when it is bad then patience and when it is good then giving thanks.

94. Be patient a little for after the hardness comes easiness *** and every matter has a timing and planning.
95. And for the Dominant in our cases He has a view *** and above our planning, for Allah there is a planning.
96. Knowing Allah is the sum of giving thanks *** and being ignorant to Allah that is the sun of infidelity.
97. If someone did not live with wisdom is a dead *** and until the time of resurrection has no resurrection.
98. Induce your sons to learn the manners when young *** so that your eyes would be happy with them when you are old.

99. And the likes of summation of manners *** at the young age is like engraving on stones.
100. Verily, when the feet of the well-mannered slides a bit *** he will fall down to the beds of silk and happiness.

101. If you do not know and did not ask *** about wisdom then who knows if you are ignorant while you do not know.

102. And the shame is to be honourable amongst the people *** and at the time of war you are an escaper.
103. Did you not see that poverty is hoped to be richness *** and wealth is feared to be down into poverty?
104. For money covers all the flaws *** and in poverty lies humility and lowering down.
105. Take care of the brothers of clearness for they are *** pillars when you ask for their help and supportive.

106. And it is not much to have one thousand friends and companions *** and one enemy is even too much.
107. Verily, young people are excused if they did not know *** and any excuse is not accepted from an old man.

108. If the life bit you then wait for a relief *** for it shall come the one waiting for it.
109. And take it easy for the matters *** are in the palm of God with their destiny.
110. Who goes along with life shall curse it companionship *** and shall take from its nice times and the hard ones.

111. How many a bite that brought death to the biter *** like a seed of wheat that broke the neck of a little bird.

112. Then say for who cursed the troubles of time *** you wronged the time but curse the humans.
113. All the benefits of this life are just ego *** and no happiness lasts for a happy one.
114. Wisdom is an ornament thus be an owner for it *** and be a seeker for it as long as you live.
115. And be a monk that was fed faith and pious *** gaining religion and preying for wisdom.
116. And know, may you be guided, that wisdom is the best relief *** that became easy going for its seeker.
117. And silence makes clear thoughts of the kid *** and he might be a silly one of ill-manners.
118. And let go of joking for there may be a spell of a joker *** that brought to you badness not avoidable.
119. Satisfaction provided me with every honour *** is there any honour more honourable than satisfaction.
120. Let go of caution for this life *** and do not be greedy about living.
121. And do not gather all the money *** for you do not know for whom you do it.
122. For fortune is divided *** and the hard doing of a man is not useful.
123. Poor he is every one that becomes greedy *** and rich is he who gets satisfied.
124. O owner of the sin do not despair *** for God is passionate and passionate.
125. If you seek the level of the nobles *** then do the good and be just.
126. And ask for fortune from the Merciful's gift *** for there is no giver except of Allah.
127. He did not compensate, who begs, by his begging *** even if he got what he wants by begging.
128. If life is considered valuable *** then the reward of Allah is higher and nobler.
129. And if the fortunes are by luck and divided *** then being less careful about gaining is more beautiful.
130. And if money is collected to be left over *** then why with such left over a man becomes a miser.
131. And if the bodies are made to be dead *** then the killing of someone by a sword for Allah is better.
132. And no goodness there is in a promise if it was a lie *** and no goodness is there in a saying without an action.

133. If you have a wisdom and without a mind *** then you are like a sandal that has no foot.
134. And if you are an owner of a mind but not a wise man *** then you are like a foot that has no sandal.
135. Life is but like a shade that will go away *** or like a guest that stayed at night then travelled.
136. Give life and it will be driven to you *** is not the destiny of that one is to end?
137. I will be satisfied as long as I live with my day's supply *** and shall not seek the abundance of money.
138. Your happiness in this life is an ego and a regret *** and your living in this life is impossible and false.
139. Take supplies from this life for you will be leaving *** and start for death shall be revealed, no doubt.
140. I do not accept all life with a pride *** and I do not buy the high levels with humility.
141. A straight seeker is not like *** who was a guider and humiliated.
142. The kid dies from a falling of his tongue *** and the human does not die from falling of the foot.
143. Death is verily a sip that will be taken *** do not be afraid and pack for travelling.
144. Be patient for the great event *** and cure your injuries with beautiful patience.
145. And do not be scared if you had a hardship *** for you were in ease in a long time.
146. And do not despair for desperation is infidelity *** and may Allah make you satisfied from a little.
147. I saw the hardship followed by easiness *** and the saying of Allah is the most true of all sayings.
148. And neglecting the favour is a call for *** removing it and giving thanks make it last.
149. If this wisdom is to be taken by wishes *** then no ignorant people will be left in this life.
150. Work hard and do not be lazy or ignorant *** for the regretful end is for the lazy one.
151. And I tasted the bitterness of things *** and no taste is more bitter than begging.
152. And did not see in troubles a more dangerous thing *** and harder than being enemy to the men.
153. The rich is the rich one with his heart *** the rich is not the rich one with his money.
154. And so is the generous, he is the generous with his manners *** and the generous is not the one of high tribe and family.

155. And so the scholar is the scholar with his conditions *** and not the scholar of speech and sayings.
156. You are loved by some people when turned into wealthy one *** and every wealthy man is glorified in the eyes.

157. Take care of three and keep them a secret *** your bravery and your wisdom and your money.
158. Do not be afraid of being thin for may be *** the fat one is slain and the thin is left over.
159. And make your heart for humility as a house *** for humility for a noble one is beautiful.
160. If you are given the matters of some people in one night *** then you should know you are responsible for them.

161. And if you carried to the graves a funeral *** then know that you are after that shall be carried.
162. O you who got busy with his life *** you got tricked by the long hopes.
163. Death comes suddenly *** and the grave is the box of the deeds.
164. Protect the soul and let it do what makes it pretty *** and you shall live peacefully and sayings about you shall be so.

165. And if the fortune of today got narrowed then wait until tomorrow *** may the troubles of time get away from you.

166. The man of a rich soul is glorified though with less money *** and the man of money richness gets rich though he is humiliated.

167. And no goodness in the affection of a colourful person *** when the winds change direction he goes where it goes.

168. For how many a brothers are there when you count them *** but in times of troubles they are but a little.
169. For money shall end soon *** and wisdom shall remain with no end.
170. And if you need something from a generous one *** then meeting him is enough and to greet as well.
171. Do not wrong if you are able *** for injustice's end is to regret.
172. Your eyes sleep and the wronged one is awake *** prays upon you and the eyes of Allah did not sleep.
173. If you are in a favour then care about it *** for the sins takes away the favours.
174. And if you give your soul what it desires *** for when it is satisfied, regret is revealed.
175. If a matter is completed and its flaw appeared *** then expect a destruction when they say it is done.
176. Live as a generous or a miser if you like *** sadness is a must in this life.
177. Your life is attached to sadness *** life is not passed without sadness.
178. Life does not come one day *** with happiness and completes it.
179. Do not be for life with an injured heart *** for fortune is taken care of by Allah the Generous.
180. Be with a rich soul and be satisfied with the little *** die and do not ask for something from a mean.
181. For the injury is the injury of the tongue you know *** and may there be a saying that drops with blood.
182. Do not leave a secret except with an honourable one *** and the secret with the honourables is kept.
183. By Allah wronging is an ill luck bringer *** and the sinner is the unjust.
184. Avoid the company of the mean ones *** and gather around the honourables, sons of the honourables.
185. And do not trust life for one day *** for life is a separated system.
186. And be for wisdom, a seeker and searcher *** and debate in what is allowed and what is not.
187. And if a friend betrayed you do not betray him *** and keep his saving and his cursing.
188. And do not have a grudge against the brothers *** and be a forgiver thus you are safe from sins.
189. A life that turns with its people *** in every day for two times.
190. Do not obey for a creature for greed *** for this is a weakness for you in faith.
191. And ask Allah for what He has in His keepings *** for His command is done between Kaf and Nuun. [Kaf and Nuun are two letters in Arabic and they form the word "Kun" which means "Be!," the imperative form of "to be"].

192. How good is religion and life when they gather *** may Allah never bless a life without a religion.
193. And if life betrayed you then be patient *** and be for the sake of Allah, of good manners.
194. And if the Generous One give you a gift *** then with giving thanks, let your tongue go.
195. Divorce this life for three times *** and ask for another wife for yourself.
196. The person is measured by a person *** when he walks with him.
197. The soul cried for life and it knows *** that safety is to leave what it has.
198. No house to live in for the man after death *** except of that one which he built before death.
199. Where are the kings that ruled *** until they drank from the cup of death?
200. Our money is for the heirs that we collect it *** and our houses for the ruins of time we are building.
201. How many cities in the horizon were built *** went to be ruins and death got closer to their people.
202. Do not blame the slaves (of Allah) for *** your fortune will come when you are allowed to.
203. Spread your wealth and protect your poverty *** that shall tire your interior without showing it.
204. May there be a day that made your cry *** and when you had been in another your cried for.
205. And how many are there for Allah of hidden gifts *** so hard to be understood even by the smart one.
206. How many of easy times that came after hardships *** that relieved the trouble of the sad heart.
207. And how many matters that hurt you in the morning *** and the happiness comes to you at night time.
208. Cure your soul with satisfaction or else *** it would ask from you over it necessities.
209. The soul is scared for being poor *** and poverty is better than a wealth that hovers over it.
210. The wealth of the soul is satisfaction, and if it did not accept *** then all what is on earth is not enough for  it.

211. The honours are purified manners *** and faith is their first and mind is their second.
212. Your life is attached to anxiety *** life is not passed without worries.

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