The Book of Filial Duty: Page Index

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The Doctrine of Filial Duty: Chapter I: The Meaning of Filial Duty

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Chapter III: The Filial Duty of Feudal Princes

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Chapter IV: The Filial Duty of High Officers

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Chapter V: The Filial Duty of the Literary Class

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Chapter VII: The Three Powers

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Chapter VIII: Filial Duty in Government

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Chapter IX: Government by the Sage

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Chapter X: The Filial Duty of a Son

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Chapter XII: Amplification of the Important Doctrine

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Chapter XIII: Amplification of the Highest Virtue

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Chapter XV: The Question of Remonstrance in Connection With Filial Duty

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Chapter XVI: The Influence and Fruit of Filial Piety

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Chapter XVII: Serving the Sovereign

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Chapter XVIII: Mourning for One's Parents

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The Twenty-Four Examples: No. I: The Filial Piety that influenced Heaven

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No. II: Affection shown in tasting Soups and Medicines

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No. III: Gnawing her Finger pained his Heart

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No. IV: Clad in a Single Garment, he was obedient to his Mother

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No. V: He carried Rice for his Parents

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No. VI: With Sports and Embroidered Robes he amused his Parents

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No. VII: With Deer's Milk he supplied his Parents

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No. VIII: He sold himself to bury his Father

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No. IX: He hired himself out as a Labourer to support his Mother

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No. X: He fanned the Pillow and warmed the Bedclothes

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No. XI: The Gushing Fountain and the Frisking Carp

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No. XII: He carved Wood and served his Parents

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No. XIII: For his Mother's Sake he would bury his Child

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No. XIV: He seized the Tiger and saved his Father

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No. XV: He collected Mulberries to support his Mother

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No. XVI: He laid up the Oranges for his Mother

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No. XVII: On hearing the Thunder he wept at the Tomb

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No. XVIII: He wept to the Bamboos, and Shoots sprang up

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No. XIX: He slept on Ice to procure Carp

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No. XX: Wu Meng fed the Mosquitoes

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No. XXIII: He resigned Office to seek his Mother

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No. XXIV: He watched by his Mother's Bedside

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