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No. V

With Sports and Embroidered Robes he amused his Parents

In the Chou dynasty there flourished Lao Lai Tzŭ, who was very obedient and reverent towards his parents, manifesting his dutifulness by exerting himself to provide them with every delicacy. Although upwards of seventy years of age, he declared that he was not yet too old, and, dressed in gaudy-coloured garments, would frisk and cut capers like a child in front of his parents. He would also take up buckets of water and try to carry them into the house; but, feigning to slip, would fall to the ground, wailing and crying like a child; and all these things he did in order to divert his parents.

In the country of Ch‘u lived Lao Lai Tzŭ, who, when so old that he had lost nearly all his teeth, made every effort to rejoice and comfort his parents, constantly endeavouring to gladden their hearts. At times he imitated the playfulness of

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a little child, and arraying himself in gaudy and variegated clothes, amused them by his strutting and gambols. He would likewise purposely fall on the ground, kicking and wailing to the utmost of his power. His mother was delighted, and manifested her joy in her countenance. Thus did Lai forget his age in order to rejoice the hearts of his parents; and affection, harmony, and joy prevailed among the family. If this ardent love for his parents had been insincere and constrained, how could it be referred to as worthy of imitation?

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