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No. X

He fanned the Pillow and warmed the Bedclothes

In the Han dynasty lived Huang Hsiang, who when only nine years old lost his mother, whom he loved so ardently and remembered so well that all the villagers praised his filial duty. He

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was employed in the severest toil, and served his father with entire obedience. In summer, when the weather was warm, he fanned and cooled his father's pillow and bed; and in winter, when it was cold, he warmed the bed-clothes with his body. The magistrate sent him an honorary banner, as a mark of distinction.

When the heat of summer made it difficult to sleep quietly, the lad knew what would be for the comfort of his venerated parent. Taking a fan, he slowly waved it about the silken curtains, and the cool air, entering, enveloped and filled the pillows and bed. In winter, when the snow threatened to crush in the roof and the fierce wind shook the fences, and the cold penetrated to the bones, making it hazardous to unloose the girdle, then Hsiang warmed his father's bed that he might not fear, because of the cold, to enter the "place of dreams."

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