What's on the Sacred-Texts CD-ROM 3.0

This is an automatically generated list of all books and articles on the 3.0 version of the CD-ROM. Each entry is linked to the copy of the file at the site, except for the 'CD Bonus' files, which are only present on the CD-ROM.

1 The Religious System of the Amazulu
2 Specimens of Bushman Folklore
3 South African Folk-Tales
4 Kaffir (Xhosa) Folk Tales
5 Myths and Legends of the Bantu
6 Myths of Ífè
7 Notes on the Folklore of the Fjort
8 At the Back of the Black Man's Mind
9 Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria
10 Fetichism in West Africa
11 Hausa Folklore
12 Woman's Mysteries of a Primitive People
13 The Yoruba Speaking Peoples
14 Jamaica Anansi Stories
15 Last of the Voudoos
16 New Orleans Superstitions
17 Voodoo and Obeahs
18 Psychic Phenomena of Jamaica
19 The Hermetic Museum
20 Triumphal Chariot of Antimony by Basil Valentine
21 Golden Chain of Homer
22 Emerald Tablet of Hermes
23 Glory of the World
24 The Six Keys of Eudoxus
25 Freher's Process in the Philosophical Work
26 The Golden Tractate of Hermes Trismegistus
27 The Hermetic Arcanum
28 Hortulanus Commentary on the Emerald Tablet
29 The Stone of the Philosophers by Edward Kelly
30 Mary the Prophetess
31 An Alchemical Mass
32 The Mirror of Alchemy
33 On the Philadelphian Gold
34 Tract on the Tincture and Oil of Antimony by Roger Bacon
35 Turba Philosophorum (part 1)
36 Turba Philosophorum (part 2)
37 Coelum philosophorum by Paracelsus
38 The Book Concerning The Tincture Of The Philosophers by Paracelsus
39 The Treasure of Treasures for Alchemists by Paracelsus
40 The Aurora of the philosophers by Paracelsus
41 Alchemical Catechism
42 Pow-wows; or Long Lost Friend
Ancient Near East
43 The Seven Tablets of Creation
44 The Enuma Elish (The Epic of Creation)
45 The Seven Evil Spirits
46 The Code of Hammurabi
47 The Religion Of Babylonia And Assyria
48 Legends of Babylonia and Egypt
49 Adapa and the food of Life
50 Descent of the Goddess Ishtar into the Lower World
51 The Babylonian Story of the Deluge and the Epic of Gilgamish.
Age of Reason
52 Roger Bacon
53 Giordano Bruno
54 Thomas Paine
55 Charles Darwin
56 Mark Twain
57 Robert G. Ingersoll
58 Clarence Darrow
59 Koryak Texts
60 Tales of Yukaghir, Lamut, and Russianized Natives of Eastern Siberia
61 Plato: Critias
62 Vril, the Power of the Coming Race
63 Atlantis, the Antediluvian World
64 Ragnarok: The Age of Fire and Gravel
65 The Book of Dzyan
66 The Story of Atlantis
67 A Dweller on Two Planets
68 Native Tribes of the Northern Territory of Australia
69 Images of Australian Rock Art
70 Australian Legendary Tales
71 The Euahlayi Tribe
72 The Customs and Traditions of the Aboriginal Natives of North Western Australia
73 The Aborigines of Western Australia
74 Some Myths and Legends of the Australian Aborigines
75 Australian Legends
76 The Kitab-i-Aqdas
77 The Kitab-i-Iqan (Book of Certitude)
78 Epistle to the Son of the Wolf
79 Selections from the Writings of the Bab
80 The Kitab-i-Aqdas (The Most Holy Book)
81 Epistle to the Son of the Wolf
82 Gleanings from the Writings of Baha'u'llah
83 The Hidden Words of Baha'u'llah
84 The Kitab-i-Iqan (The Book of Certitude)
85 Prayers and Meditations
86 Proclamation of Baha'u'llah
87 The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys
88 Tablets of Baha'u'llah Revealed after the Kitab-i-Aqdas
89 Abdu'l-Baha in London
90 Foundations of World Unity
91 Memorials of the Faithful
92 Paris Talks
93 The Promulgation of Universal Peace
94 The Secret of Divine Civilization
95 Selections from the Writings of `Abdu'l-Baha
96 Some Answered Questions
97 Tablets of 'Abdu'l-Baha
98 Tablet to August Forel
99 Tablets of the Divine Plan
100 A Travellers Narrative
101 The Will and Testament of 'Abdu'l-Baha
102 The Advent of Divine Justice
103 Arohanui: Letters to New Zealand
104 Baha'i Administration
105 Citadel of Faith
106 The Dawn of a New Day
107 Directives from the Guardian
108 God Passes By
109 High Endeavours: Messages to Alaska
110 Letters from the Guardian to Australia and New Zealand
111 The Light of Divine Guidance (volume 1) [Message to Germany and Austria]
112 The Light of Divine Guidance (volume 2)
113 Messages to America
114 The Promised Day is Come
115 Unfolding Destiny
116 The World Order of Baha'u'llah
117 Baha'u'llah and the New Era by Esslemont
118 The Dawn Breakers by Nabil
119 Footnotes to French ed. of The Dawn Breakers
120 The Prosperity of Humankind
121 Statement on Baha'u'llah
122 The Promise of World Peace
123 Baha'i Prayers
124 Baha'i World Faith
125 Baha'i Education
126 Japan Will Turn Ablaze
127 Peace
128 Scholarship
129 Women
130 Easton's Bible Dictionary
131 Bible Maps
132 King James version
133 The Apocrypha
134 Vulgate
135 Greek New Testament
136 the Tanakh
137 the Jewish Publication Society version
138 Buddha, the Gospel
139 Buddha, the Word
140 Journal Articles about Buddhism
141 The Smokey the Bear Sutra
142 The Dhammapada and The Sutta Nipâta,
143 Buddhist Suttas
144 Vinaya Texts (Part I)
145 The Questions of King Milinda
146 Dialogues of the Buddha
147 Buddhism in Translations
148 The Udâna
149 Buddhist Mahâyâ Texts
150 Saddharma-pundarîka (The Lotus Sutra)
151 She-rab Dong-bu (The Tree of Wisdom)
152 The Awakening of Faith of Ashvagosha
153 Buddhism In Tibet
154 The Religion of the Samurai
155 Manual of Zen Buddhism
156 Gleanings In Buddha-Fields
157 The Book of Tea
158 Confucian Canon
159 Five Classics
160 Sacred Books of The East, Vol. 3
161 Traditional Chinese Beliefs
162 The Confucian Canon in Chinese and English
163 Confucian Analects (Lun Yü)
164 Mencius
165 The Great Learning (Ta Hsüeh)
166 The Doctrine Of The Mean (Chung Yung)
167 The Shu Ching
168 The Shih Ching
169 The Li Ki Part I
170 The Li Ki Part II
171 The Hsiao Ching
172 The Shundai Zatsuwa (A Japanese Philosopher)
173 The Art of War
174 The Apocrypha
175 Corpus Hermeticum
176 The Hymn of Jesus, Echoes from the Gnosis
177 Gnostic John the Baptizer
178 The Gospel of Thomas
179 The Lord's Prayer
180 Hail Mary (Ave Maria)
181 The Apostles' Creed
182 Nicene Creed
183 Latin Mass: Ordinary of the Mass (the Tridentine Ordo).
184 The Athanasian Creed
185 The Confessions Of Saint Augustine
186 Writings of the Early Church Fathers
187 The Book of the Bee
188 The Book of the Cave of Treasures
189 The Kebra Nagast
190 The Divine Comedy
191 Texts of Martin Luther
192 Foxe's Book of Martyrs
193 Synod of Dordrecht
194 Heidelberg Catechism
195 The Second Helvetic Confession
196 Church Order
197 Liturgy of the Reformed Churches of the Netherlands
198 Westminster Shorter Catechism
199 The Westminster Confession Of Faith
200 Westminster Larger Catechism
201 Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained
202 Pilgrim's Progress
203 Bunyan
204 Angelus Silesius
205 The (Episcopal) Book of Common Prayer
206 Unitarian Christianity
207 New England Primer
208 Shaker documents
209 The Baltimore (Catholic) Catechism
210 The Seeming Unreality of the Spiritual Life
211 Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures
212 John Wesley's Place in History
213 The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ
214 The Gist of Swedenborg
215 The Political Aspects of S. Augustine's 'City of God'
216 The Theological Declaration of Barmen
217 The Book of Enoch
218 Slavonic Life of Adam and Eve
219 The Books of Adam and Eve
220 The Book of Jasher
221 Small Catechism
222 Large Catechism
223 Enemies of the Cross of Christ
224 Christ Our Great High Priest
225 The Twofold Use of the Law & Gospel: "Letter" & "Spirit"
226 Of The Office of Preaching
227 The Parable of the Sower
228 Christ's Holy Sufferings
229 On Faith & Coming to Christ
230 The Wheat & The Tares
231 Address to the Nobility
232 Bulfinch's Mythology
233 The Sibylline Oracles
234 Myths of Crete and Pre-Hellenic Europe
235 The Dionysian Artificers
236 Ancient Fragments
237 The Mysteries of Mithra
238 Pagan Regeneration
239 Taboo, Magic, Spirits:
240 The Religion of Numa
241 The Iliad of Homer
242 The Odyssey of Homer
243 The Homeric Hymn to Demeter
244 Hesiod's Theogony
245 Works and Days
246 The Hymns of Orpheus
247 The Poems of Sappho
248 The Poems of Sappho (Unicode)
249 The Fables of Aesop
250 The Dramas of Aeschylus
251 The Dramas of Sophocles
252 The Dramas of Euripides
253 The Dialogues of Plato
254 The Golden Verses of Pythagoras
255 The Aeneid
256 The Eclogues
257 The Georgics
258 The Most Pleasant and Delectable Tale of The Marriage of Cupid and Psyche
259 Meditations
260 On The Nature Of Things
261 Metamorphoses
262 Amores, Ars Amatoria, Remedia Amoris and Medicamina Faciei Femineae
263 The Sayricon of Petronius
264 Two Orations of the Emperor Julian
265 The Iliad of Homer
266 The Odyssey of Homer
267 The Homeric Hymns
268 Homeric Fragments
269 Fragments of the Epic Cycle.
270 The Cypria (Fragments)
271 Aethiopis (Fragments)
272 The Little Iliad (Fragments)
273 The Sack of Ilium (fragments)
274 The Returns and The Telegony (Fragments)
275 The Battle of Frogs and Mice.
276 The Contest of Homer and Hesiod.
277 Works and Days
278 The Theogony
279 Agamemnon
280 The Choephori
281 Eumenides
282 The Persians
283 Prometheus Bound
284 The Seven Against Thebes
285 The Suppliants
286 Ajax
287 Antigone
288 Electra
289 Oedipus the King
290 Oedipus at Colonus
291 Philoctetes
292 The Trachiniae
293 The Trojan Women
294 Charmides, or Temperance
295 Cratylus
296 Critias
297 Crito
298 Euthydemus
299 Euthyphro
300 Gorgias
301 Ion
302 Laches or Courage
303 Laws
304 Lysis, or Friendship
305 Meno
306 Parmenides
307 Phaedo
308 Phaedrus
309 Philebus
310 Protagoras
311 The Republic
312 The Seventh Letter
313 Sophist
314 Statesman
315 Symposium
316 Theaetetus
317 Timaeus
318 The Eclogues
319 The Georgics
320 The Aeneid of Virgil
321 The Metamorphoses
322 The Love Books of Ovid
323 First 1000 lines of Chromosome One of the Human Genome
324 The Egyptian Book of the Dead
325 The Egyptian Heaven and Hell
326 The Liturgy of Funerary Offerings
327 Legends of the Gods: The Egyptian Texts
328 The Burden of Isis
329 The Wisdom of the Egyptians
330 Tutankhamen: Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian Monotheism
331 Egyptian Mythology and Egyptian Christianity
332 Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life
333 Egyptian Magic
334 Egyptian Myth and Legend
335 The Calls of Enoch
336 Historic Lecture
337 The Chaldæan Oracles
338 Principia Discordia
339 The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, Poetic Terrorism by Hakim Bey
340 The Science of Mind
341 Ophiolatreia
342 Bygone Beliefs
343 The Book of Noodles
344 The History of the Devil
345 Book of the Damned (1919)
346 New Lands (1923)
347 The Vampire, his Kith and Kin
348 The Book of Were-Wolves
349 Frankenstein
350 The Vampyre
351 Dracula
352 Lair of the White Worm
353 Vikram and The Vampire
354 The Magus
355 The Book of Ceremonial Magic
356 Sixth Book of Moses
357 Seventh Book of Moses
358 The Key of Solomon The King
359 The Lesser Key of Solomon
360 The Rig-Veda
361 Rig-Veda (Sanskrit)
362 The Sama-Veda
363 The Yajur Veda
364 The Atharva-Veda
365 A Vedic Reader for Students
366 The Upanishads
367 The Upanishads, Part I (SBE 1)
368 The Upanishads, Part II (SBE 15)
369 The Laws of Manu
370 The Dharma Sutras
371 The Institutes of Vishnu
372 The Mahabharata, Book 1: Adi Parva
373 The Mahabharata, Book 2: Sabha Parva
374 The Mahabharata, Book 3: Vana Parva
375 Rámáyan Of Válmíki
376 The Ramayana and Mahabharata
377 Indian Idylls
378 The Bhagavadgîtâ
379 The Bhagavad Gita
380 The Vedântâ-Sûtras
381 The Vedântâ-Sûtras
382 The Devî Gita
383 The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
384 The Sánkhya Aphorisms of Kapila
385 Twenty-two Goblins
386 Indian Fairy Tales
387 Old Deccan Days
388 Journal articles: Hinduism
389 Songs of Kabîr
390 Works of Rabindranath Tagore
391 Sanskrit dictionary
I Ching
392 Contents
393 Islamic Date
394 Hypertext Qur'an
395 Unicode Qur'an
396 Qur'an, Transliterated Arabic
397 The {meaning of the} Qur'an
398 The {meaning of the} Qur'an
399 A Manual of Hadith
400 Hadith of Bukhari
401 A Sufi Message of Spritual Liberty
402 The Enclosed Garden of the Truth
403 The Kasîdah of Hâjî Abdû El-Yezdî
404 The Mystics of Islam
405 The Mishkât Al-Anwar
406 The Alchemy of Happiness
407 The Masnavi of Rumi
408 The Gulistan Of Sa'di
409 The Teachings of Hafiz
410 The Rubayyat of Omar Khayyam
411 The Bible, The Koran, and the Talmud
412 The Hanged Poems
413 Christ In Islâm
414 The Gospel of Barnabas
415 Akaranga Sutra
416 Kalpa Sutra
417 A Treatise on Jainism
418 Ten Virtues Of Monks
419 Twelve Reflections or Bhavnas
420 Twelve Vows Of Layperson
421 Fourteen Auspicious Dreams
422 Five Bodies and Eight Vargnas
423 Five Great Vows (Maha-vratas)
424 Six Universal Substances (Dravyas)
425 Meaning Of Ashta Prakari Puja
426 Nine Tattvas (Principles)
427 The Babylonian Talmud
428 Sayings of the Jewish Fathers (Pirqe Aboth)
429 Hebraic Literature
430 Legends of the Jews
431 The Kabbalah Unveiled
432 Kabbalah - Sepher Yetzirah
433 Tales and Maxims from the Midrash
434 The Sacred Books and Early Literature of the East, Vol. IV: Medieval Hebrew
435 Midrash Tanhuma
436 The Works of Flavius Josephus
437 The Guide for the Perplexed
438 Reform Judaism - 1885 Pittsburgh Conference
439 Articles of Faith from the Jewish Encyclopedia
440 The Columbus Platform: The Guiding Principles Of Reform Judaism (1937)
441 Reform Judaism - A Centenary Perspective
442 Maimonides: Ani Maamin - I believe...
443 Solomon Schechter - Studies in Judaism - The Dogmas of Judaism
444 The Thirteen Wants by Mordecai M. Kaplan
445 Tract Sabbath
446 Tracts Erubin, Shekalim, Rosh Hashana
447 Tracts Pesachim, Yomah and Hagiga
448 Tracts Betzh, Succah, Moed Katan, Taanith, Megilla and Ebel Rabbathi or Semahoth
449 Tracts Aboth, Derech Eretz-Rabba, Derech Eretz-Zuta, and Baba Kama (First Gate)
450 Tract Baba Kama (First Gate), Part II and Tract Baba Metzia (Middle Gate)
451 Tract Baba Bathra (Last Gate)
452 Tract Sanhedrin: Section Jurisprudence (Damages)
453 Tracts Maccoth, Shebuoth, Eduyoth, Abuda Zara, and Horioth
454 History of the Talmud
455 The Book of Mormon
456 Pearl of Great Price
457 Doctrine and Covenants
458 The Articles of Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
459 Tenderfoot Days
460 The Story of Mormonism
461 Under the Prophet in Utah
462 The Book of Abraham,
Native American
463 Tales of the North American Indians
464 The Soul of the Indian
465 Indian Why Stories
466 Old Indian Legends
467 Myths and Legends of the Sioux
468 Rig Veda Americanus (Aztec Hymns)
469 The Myths of Mexico and Peru
470 Religion of the Indians of California
471 Myths and Legends of California and the Old Southwest
472 Indian Myths Of South Central California.
473 Miwok Myths
474 The Dawn of the World
475 Maidu Texts
476 Hupa Texts
477 Yana Texts
478 Achomawi and Atsugewi Tales and Achomawi Myths
479 Chinigchinich
480 The Mythology of the Diegeños
481 A Saboba Origin-Myth
482 The Legend of Tauquitch and Algoot
483 The Story of the Chaup; A Myth of the Diegueños
484 Mythology of the Mission Indians
485 Two Myths of the Mission Indians
486 Ceremonies and Traditions of the Diegueño Indians
487 Sacred Formulas of the Cherokee
488 Myths of the Cherokee
489 The Cherokee Ball Play
490 Traditions of the Hopi
491 Truth of a Hopi
492 The Shepherd And The Daughter Of The Sun
493 Viracocha And The Coming Of The Incas
494 Death Of Pachacuti Inca Yupanqui
495 The Festival of The Sun
496 Three Inca Prayers
497 Apu Ollantay
498 Narratives of the Rites and Laws of the Yncas
499 Tales and Traditions of the Eskimo
500 Eskimo Folk-tales
501 The Code of Handsome Lake
502 The Iroquois Book of Rites
503 The Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel
504 The Mayan Calendar
505 The Popul Vuh
506 Origin Myths of the Navaho Indians
507 The Mountain Chant, A Navajo Ceremony
508 Navaho Myths, Prayers, and Songs
509 Coos Texts
510 Chinook Texts
511 Kwakiutl Tales
512 Haida Songs
513 Tsimshian Texts (Nass River Dialect)
514 Tsimshian Texts (New Series)
515 Tlingit Myths and Texts
516 Many Swans: Sun Myth of the North American Indians
517 Jicarilla Apache Texts
518 The Sun Dance and Other Ceremonies of the Oglala Division of The Teton Dakota.
519 Death and Funeral Customs among the Omahas
520 Old Indian Legends
521 Myths and Legends of the Sioux
South America
522 An Inquiry into the Animism and Folk-Lore of the Guiana Indians.
523 Legends and Myths of the Aboriginal Indians of British Guiana.
524 Myths and Tales of the Southeastern Indians
525 Aw-aw-tam Indian Nights (Myths and Legends of the Pima)
526 Table of Zuñi Sounds
527 Introduction to Zuñi Ceremonialism by Ruth Bunzel
528 Zuñi Origin Myths by Ruth Bunzel
529 Zuñi Ritual Poetry by Ruth Bunzel
530 Cushing: Zuñi Folk Tales [1901]
531 Outline of Zuñi Mytho-Sociologic Organization
532 Zuñi Fetiches
533 Remarks on Shamanism
534 Form and Form and the Dance Drama
535 Corn Raising: The Decay of the Seed
536 Corn Raising: The Regeneration of the Seed
537 Clowns, Priests, and Festivals of the Kâ'-kâ
538 Creation and the Origin of Corn
539 The 1001 Arabian Nights (Burton, tr.)
540 The 1001 Arabian Nights (Lang, ed.)
541 Celtic Folklore
542 The Songs of the Russian People
543 Roumanian Fairy Tales and Legends
544 England
545 The Kalevala (English)
546 The Kalevala (Finnish)
547 The Song of Roland
548 Wagner's Ring of the Niblung
549 The Nibelungenlied
550 Grimm's Household Tales
551 Summer Legends
552 The Poetic Edda
553 The Prose Edda
554 The Story of the Volsungs
555 The Story of Grettir the Strong
556 The Story of Egil Skallagrimsson (Egil's Saga)
557 The Story of Burnt Njal
558 The Life and Death of Cormac the Skalda
559 The Story of Viga-Glum.
560 The Shah Namah
561 The Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus
562 Heimskringla or The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway
563 The Lay of the Cid
564 Celtic Midi files
565 The Second Battle of Mag Tuired (Cath Maige Tuired)
566 The Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúailnge)
567 The Destruction of Dá Derga's Hostel
568 Heroic Romances of Ireland (2 Vols.)
569 Cuchulain of Muirthemne
570 Gods and Fighting Men
571 Visions and Beliefs in the West of Ireland
572 The Celtic Twilight
573 Legends and Stories of Ireland
574 The Irish Sketch-book
575 Ancient Legends, Mystic Charms, and Superstitions of Ireland
576 Myths and Folklore of Ireland
577 Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts
578 The Aran Islands
579 Celtic Wonder Tales
580 Beside the Fire
581 The Crock of Gold
582 In Wicklow and West Kerry
583 The King of Ireland's Son
584 Irish Fairy Tales
585 The Mabinogion
586 Prolegomena to the Study of Old Welsh Poetry
587 The Gododdin Poems
588 British Goblins
589 The Welsh Fairy Book
590 Celtic Folklore: Welsh and Manx
591 The Poems of Ossian
592 The Secret Common-Wealth
593 Fairy Legends and Traditions
594 British Goblins
595 Tales of Fairies and of the Ghost World
596 The Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries
597 Fairies
598 The Fairy Mythology
599 The Science of Fairy Tales
600 Celtic Fairy Tales
601 More Celtic Fairy Tales
602 Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race
603 On the Study of Celtic Literature
604 A Book of Folklore
605 Tom Tit Tot, An Essay on Savage Philosophy in Folk-Tale
606 A Book of Old English Ballads
607 The Origins of Popular Superstitions and Customs
608 Tales of the Dartmoor Pixies
609 Popular Romances of the West of England
610 English Fairy and Other Folk Tales
611 English Fairy Tales
612 More English Fairy Tales
613 A Peep at the Pixies, or Legends of the West
614 The Complete Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Poetry
615 Beowulf (Modern English)
616 Beowulf (Anglo-Saxon)
617 Le Morte d'Arthur
618 Cliges
619 Erec et Enide
620 The High History of the Holy Graal
621 The Idylls of the King
622 King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table
623 The Prophecies
624 Preface
625 English and French text
626 The Oracles of Nostradamus
627 Did Nostradamus predict the WTC disaster?
628 Oahspe, A Kosmon Bible in the Words of Jehovih and his Angel Embassadors
629 Book of Knowledge
630 The Origin of Oahspe
631 Liber B vel Magi
632 Message of The Master Therion, The
633 Liber III vel Jugorum
634 Liber ABA (Magick)
635 Liber V vel Reguli
636 Liber O vel Manus et Sagitae
637 Liber Liberi vel Lapidis Lazuli
638 8th Aether Liber CCCCXVIII
639 Liber E
640 Liber Porta Lucis
641 Liber NU
642 Liber Graduum Montis Abiegni
643 Ecclesiĉ Gnosticĉ Catholicae Canon Missae
644 Liber Turris vel Domus Dei
645 Khing Kang King - The Classic of Purity
646 The Star Ruby
647 Liber Trigrammaton
648 Liber Librae - The Book of the Balance
649 Diary of Frater Achad, The
650 An Account of A.·.A.·.
651 The Star Sapphire
652 Thien Tao
653 The Mass of the Phoenix
654 Collected writings of Jack Parsons, The
655 Lost Continent, The
656 Manifesto of the OTO
657 Chymical Jousting of Brother Perardua, The
658 The Qabalah
659 Across the Gulf
660 Liber Causae
661 Liber Israfel
662 Liber Cordis Cincti Serpente
663 Liber Stellae Rubeae
664 The Sword of Song
665 Liber LXX - The Cross of a Frog
666 Liber OZ
667 On the Tarot
668 Liber Chanokh
669 Liber Tzaddi vel Hamus Hermeticus
670 Fountain of Hyacinth, The
671 A Handbook of Geomancy
672 Soror Achitha's Vision - The Amalantrah Working
673 An Open Letter to those who may wish to join the Order
674 Concerning Death
675 Liber Aleph
676 Ritual of passing through the Tuat, The
677 Soldier and the hunchback, The
678 De Lege Libellum
679 Liber Cheth vel Vallum Abiegni
680 Tao Teh Ching
681 Law of Thelema, The
682 Liber Astarte vel Liber Berylli
683 Liber Colegii Sancti
684 Liber XIII
685 An Intimation with Reference to the Constitution of the Order
686 Sir Palamedes the saracen knight
687 Liber Resh vel Helios
688 Liber RU vel Spiritus
689 A syllabus of the official instructions of the A.*.A.*.
690 The I Ching
691 Liber AL vel Legis
692 Liber Arcanorum
693 AHA!
694 Khaps am Pekht
695 Book of lies, The
696 Adonis an Allegory
697 Liber H.H.H.
699 Liber A'ash vel Capricorni Pneumatici
700 Liber Tau vel Kabbalae Trium Literarum
701 Liber A vel Armorum
702 Vision and the Voice, The
703 Liber CDLI - Eroto-comatose Lucidity
704 Liber Os Abysmi vel Daath
705 Liber Batrachophrenoboocosmomachia
706 Liber HAD
707 Liber DCCCXIII vel Ararita
708 De Thaumaturgia
709 Liber DCLXXI vel Pyramidos
710 Liber Samekh
711 Energised Enthusiasm
712 Ararita
713 Liber Yod
714 Law of Liberty, The
715 John St. John
716 Liber Viarum Viae
717 The Gospel According to Saint Bernard Shaw
718 Liber ThIShARB
719 Treasurehouse of Images, The
720 Liber MCLI
721 A Note on Genesis
722 Oceanic Mythology
723 Te Pito Te Henua, Or Easter Island
724 Polynesian Mythology
725 Maori Religion and Mythology
726 The Lore of the Whare-Wananga
727 The Kumulipo, A Hawaiian Creation Chant
728 Legends of Maui
729 Hawaiian Legends of Old Honolulu
730 Hawaiian Legends of Volcanoes
731 Hawaiian Legends of Ghosts and Ghost-Gods
732 The Samoan Story of Creation
733 Baloma; the Spirits of the Dead in the Trobriand Islands
734 Current Phase of the Moon
735 The Gardnerian Book of Shadows
736 The works of Margaret Murray
737 The Witch-Cult in Western Europe
738 The Golden Bough
739 Aradia, Gospel of the Witches
740 Etruscan Roman Remains in Popular Tradition
741 Gypsy Sorcery and Fortune Telling
742 Letters on Demonology and Witchcraft
743 Irish Druids and Old Irish Religions
744 The Veil of Isis or Mysteries of the Druids
745 The Malleus Maleficarum
746 Dæmonology
747 The Witch-Persecutions
748 The Book of Hallowe'en
749 Irish Witchcraft and Demonology
Piri Re'is
750 The Piri Re'is Map
751 Three Dialogues Between Hylas and Philonous [CD Bonus]
752 A Treatise Concerning the Principles of Human Knowledge [CD Bonus]
753 Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Seeking Truth in the Sciences [CD Bonus]
754 Meditations on First Philosophy [CD Bonus]
755 The Transcendalist [CD Bonus]
756 Essays, First Series [CD Bonus]
757 Essays, Second Series [CD Bonus]
758 The Enchiridion [CD Bonus]
759 The Discourses [CD Bonus]
760 Letter to Menoeceus [CD Bonus]
761 Leviathan [CD Bonus]
762 Of Superstition and Enthusiasm [CD Bonus]
763 Of the Delicacy of Taste and Passion [CD Bonus]
764 Of the Liberty of the Press [CD Bonus]
765 Of Essay Writing [CD Bonus]
766 Of the Rise and Progress of the Arts and Sciences [CD Bonus]
767 An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding [CD Bonus]
768 A Letter from a Gentleman [CD Bonus]
769 Essays on Suicide and the Immortality of the Soul [CD Bonus]
770 The Natural History of Religion [CD Bonus]
771 Of Tragedy [CD Bonus]
772 Of the Standard of Taste [CD Bonus]
773 My Own Life [CD Bonus]
774 Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion [CD Bonus]
775 The Critique of Judgement [CD Bonus]
776 The Critique of Practical Reason [CD Bonus]
777 The Critique of Pure Reason [CD Bonus]
778 Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysic of Morals [CD Bonus]
779 Introduction to the Metaphysic of Morals [CD Bonus]
780 The Metaphysical Elements of Ethics [CD Bonus]
781 Prolegomena to Any Future Metaphysics [CD Bonus]
782 The Science of Right [CD Bonus]
783 The Monadology [CD Bonus]
784 On Liberty [CD Bonus]
785 Representative Government [CD Bonus]
786 Utilitarianism [CD Bonus]
787 Thus Spake Zarathustra [CD Bonus]
788 The Provincial Letters [CD Bonus]
789 Pensees [CD Bonus]
790 A Plea for Captain John Brown [CD Bonus]
791 Slavery in Massachusetts [CD Bonus]
792 Life Without Principle [CD Bonus]
793 Civil Disobedience [CD Bonus]
794 Walden, or Life in the Woods [CD Bonus]
795 The Prophecies of Paracelsus
Sacred Sexuality
796 Kama Sutra of Vatsayayana
797 The Ananga Ranga
798 The Royal Museum at Naples
799 A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus/Worship of the Generative Powers
800 A Discourse on the Worship of Priapus
801 The Worship of the Generative Powers
802 The Masculine Cross and Ancient Sex Worship
803 Influence of the Phallic Idea in the Religions of Antiquity
804 Phallic Worship
805 The Perfumed Garden
806 Shamanism in Siberia
807 Shaman, Saiva and Sufi
808 Animism
809 The Kojiki
810 Nihongi Part 1
811 Nihongi Part 2
812 Nihongi Part 3
813 Nihongi Part 4
814 The Yengishiki or Shinto Rituals
815 In Ghostly Japan
816 Kwaidan
817 Japan, An Attempt At Interpretation
818 Bushido, The Soul of Japan
819 Ainu Texts
820 Aino Folk-Tales
821 Specimens of Ainu Folk-lore
822 Yukara, epos of the Ainus
823 Kutune Shirka, The Ainu Epic
824 The Sikh Religion
825 Shri Guru Granth Sahib
826 Anthony and Cleopatra [CD Bonus]
827 A Lovers' Complaint [CD Bonus]
828 All's Well That Ends Well [CD Bonus]
829 As You Like It [CD Bonus]
830 Comedy of Errors [CD Bonus]
831 Coriolanus [CD Bonus]
832 Cymbeline [CD Bonus]
833 Hamlet [CD Bonus]
834 Julius Caeser [CD Bonus]
835 King Henry the Fourth, Part I [CD Bonus]
836 King Henry the Fourth, Part II [CD Bonus]
837 King Henry the Fifth [CD Bonus]
838 King Henry the Sixth, Part I [CD Bonus]
839 King Henry the Sixth, Part II [CD Bonus]
840 King Henry the Sixth, Part III [CD Bonus]
841 King Henry the Eighth [CD Bonus]
842 King John [CD Bonus]
843 King Richard the Second [CD Bonus]
844 King Richard the Third [CD Bonus]
845 King Lear [CD Bonus]
846 Loves Labour Lost [CD Bonus]
847 Macbeth [CD Bonus]
848 Much Ado About Nothing [CD Bonus]
849 Measure for Measure [CD Bonus]
850 Midsummers' Night Dream [CD Bonus]
851 Merchant of Venice [CD Bonus]
852 Merry Wives of Windsor [CD Bonus]
853 Othello [CD Bonus]
854 Pericles, Prince of Tyre [CD Bonus]
855 Romeo and Juliet [CD Bonus]
856 Rape of Lucrece [CD Bonus]
857 Sonnets [CD Bonus]
858 Titus Andronicus [CD Bonus]
859 Troilus and Cressida [CD Bonus]
860 Tempest [CD Bonus]
861 Two Gentlemen of Verona [CD Bonus]
862 Two Noble Kinsmen [CD Bonus]
863 Timon of Athens [CD Bonus]
864 Taming of the Shrew [CD Bonus]
865 Twelfth Night [CD Bonus]
866 The Winter's Tale [CD Bonus]
867 Venus and Adonis [CD Bonus]
  Mahanirvana Tantra
  Shakti and Shâkta
868 Tao-te Ching
869 Volume 39 of the Sacred Books of the East.
870 Volume 40 of the Sacred Books of the East.
871 Taoist Teachings Translated from the Book of Lieh-Tzü
872 Yang Chu's Garden of Pleasure
873 T'ai Shang Kan-Ying P'ien
874 Yin Chih Wen, The Tract of the Quiet Way
875 Taoist Texts
876 The Pictorial Key to the Tarot
877 The Tarot of the Bohemians
878 Get a Tarot Reading
879 Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck Copyright FAQ
880 Tarot Card Cross-reference
881 Tarot Card Comparison
882 Isis Unveiled
883 The Secret Doctrine
884 A Textbook of Theosophy
885 The Flying Saucers Are Real
886 Utopia
887 Cæsar's Column
888 The Iron Heel
889 Vindication of the Rights Of Woman
890 The Subjection of Women
891 Clothed With The Sun
892 Woman, Church, and State
893 The Woman's Bible
894 Woman and the New Race
895 The Book of the Goddess
896 Folk-Lore of Women
897 Avesta: Vendidad
898 Khorda Avesta: Book of Common Prayer pt. 1
899 Khorda Avesta: Book of Common Prayer pt. 2
900 Avesta: Yasna
901 Avesta: Visperad
902 Avesta Fragments
903 Pahlavi Texts, Part I: The Bundahis-Bahman Yast and Shayâst Lâ-Shâyast
904 Dadestan-i Denig
905 Menog-i Khrad
906 Sad Dar