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Where is Valentino?  732 --boots,--boxes in the custom-house ...,--  733 the monk at the Carmine,--squares,-- 734 Piero Martelli,--[8] Salvi Borgherini,--send back the bags,--a support for the spectacles,-- 735 the nude study of San Gallo,--the cloak. Porphyry,--groups,--square,-- 736 Pandolfino.


428:732 : Valentino. Cesare Borgia is probably meant. After being made Archbishop of Valence by Alexander VI he was commonly called Valentinus or Valentino. With reference to Leonardo's engagements by him see pp. 224 and 243, note.

428:733 : Carmine. A church and monastery at Florence.

428:734 s 7 an 8: Martelli, Borgherini; names of Florentine families. See No. 4.

428:735 11: San Gallo; possibly Giuliano da San Gallo, the Florentine architect.

428:736 16: Pandolfini, see No. 1544 note.

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