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p. 429

Concave mirrors; philosophy of Aristotle; 737  738 the books of Avicenna Italian and Latin vocabulary; Messer Ottaviano Palavicino or his Vitruvius  739 . bohemian knives; Vitruvius 740 ; go every Saturday to the hot bath where you will see naked men;

Meteora'  741 ,

Archimedes, on the centre of gravity  742 ; anatomy  743 Alessandro Benedetto; The Dante of Niccolo della Croce; Inflate the lungs of a pig and observe whether they increase in width and in length, or in width diminishing in length.

 744 Marliano, on Calculation, to Bertuccio. Albertus, on heaven and earth  745 , [from the monk Bernardino]. Horace has written on the movements of the heavens.


429:737 :Filosofia d'Aristotele see No. 1481 note.

429:738 2: Avicenna (Leonardo here writes it Avinega) the Arab philosopher, 980-1037, for centuries the unimpeachable authority on all medical questions. Leonardo possibly points here to a printed edition: Avicennae canonum libri V, latine 1476 Patavis. Other editions are, Padua 1479, and Venice 1490.

429:739 3: Vitruvius. See Vol. I, No. 343 note.

429:740 6: Vitruvius. See Vol. I, No. 343 note.

429:741 7: See No. 1448, 25.

429:742 9: The works of Archimedes were not printed during Leonardo's life-time.

429:743 10: Compare No. 1494.

429:744 14: Johannes Marliani sua etate philosophorum et medicorum principis et ducala phisic. primi de proportione motuum velocitate questio subtilissima incipit ex ejusdem Marliani originali feliciter extracta, M(ilano) 1482.

Another work by him has the title: Marlianus mediolanensis. Questio de caliditate corporum humanorum tempore hiemis ed estatis et de antiparistasi ad celebrem philosophorum et medicorum universitatem ticinensem. 1474.

429:745 15: See No. 1469, 1. 7.

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