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1. I proclaim the Airyemâ-ishyô as the greatest of all authoritative prayers, O Spitama! as the most influential and helpful for progress; and may the Saoshyants (who would further us) use it and revere it.

2. I am speaking in accordance with it, O Spitama! and therefore I shall rule as sovereign over creatures which are mine, I who am Ahura Mazda. Let no one rule as Angra Mainyu 2 over realms that are his own, O Zarathustra Spitama! 3. Let Angra Mainyu be hid beneath the earth 3. Let the Daêvas likewise

p. 391

disappear. Let the dead arise (unhindered by these foes), and let bodily life be sustained in these now lifeless bodies.


390:2 Insert 'of the evil faith.'

390:3 In Y. IX, 14, 15, it is the Ahuna-vairya which drives the Daêvas beneath the earth.

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