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1. I confess myself a Mazda-worshipper, of Zarathustra's order, a foe to the Daêvas, devoted to the lore of the Lord, for Rapithwina, the holy lord of the ritual order, for sacrifice, homage, propitiation, and praise, and for Frâdat-fshu 3 and Zantuma 4,

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the holy lord(s) of the ritual order. 2. And to Ahura Mazda, the resplendent, the glorious, and to the Bountiful Immortals, be propitiation, and to Asha Vahista (who is Righteousness the Best), and to the Fire, Ahura Mazda's son, and to all the holy Yazads, heavenly and earthly, and to the Fravashis of the saints, the mighty and overwhelming—.

3. For thus did Ahura Mazda speak to Spitama Zarathustra the word which was spoken for the ritual time of the Rapithwina, (saying): Ask us, O holy Zarathustra 1, what are Thy questions to be asked of us 2, for Thy question is as that mighty one when Thy ruler speaks his mighty wish 1. 4. Then Zarathustra asked Ahura Mazda: O Ahura Mazda, most bountiful 3 creator of the material worlds and holy! what does that man acquire, what does he merit, what reward shall there be for that man (5) who shall recite the Rapithwina office with the Rapithwina prayer for blessing, and who shall sacrifice with 4 the Rapithwina office with hands (well) washed, and with (well) washed mortars, with the Baresman spread, and with Haoma high uplifted, and with fire brightly flaming, with Ahuna-vairya loud intoned, with Haoma-moistened tongue, and with a body Mãthra-bound? 6. And Ahura Mazda answered him: As the wind from the southern quarter, O Spitama! causes the entire material world to advance and to increase, and as it will bless it 5, rejoice it, and cause it to progress 6, such a like reward does such a man receive, (7) who

p. 375

recites the Rapithwina-ratu with the Rapithwina blessing, and sacrifices with 1 it with (well) washed hands, and mortars, with Baresman spread, and Haoma lifted, with fire brightly flaming, and with Ahuna-vairya loud intoned, and with Haoma-moistened tongue, and a body Mãthra-bound! 8. Thus hath Ahura Mazda declared to Spitama Zarathustra the word which (should be) spoken at the Rapithwina time. 9, 10. (See Â. I, 14-19.)


373:2 To be recited on the third day (Ardibahist) of the first month (Fravardin).

373:3 A genius who furthered cattle.

373:4 The genius of the Zantu, presiding over this Gâh Rapithvin.

374:1 Erroneous.

374:2 Ahmâi; see Y. XLIII, 10 with ehmâ.

374:3 Insert 'spirit.'

374:4 Or, 'to.'

374:5 Saoshyatika; or can saoshyanti be a locative absolute, preserving a fuller form?

374:6 Or, 'causes it to enter into helpful joy' (?).

375:1 Or, 'to.'

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