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With this chant (fully) chanted, and which is for the Bountiful Immortals and the holy Saoshyants (who are the prophets who shall serve us), and by means of these (ceremonial) actions, which are (of all)

p. 363

the best, we desire to utter our supplications for the Kine. It is that chant which the saint has recognised as good and fruitful of blessed gifts, and which the sinner does not know 1. May we never reach that (ill-luck that the sinner) may outstrip us (in our chanting), not in the matter of a plan (thought out), or of words (delivered), or ceremonies (done 2), nor yet in any offering whatever when he (?) approaches (us for harm).


363:1 The parties are divided by knowledge and ignorance (compare the Gnosis). See Y. XXXI, 12

363:2 Not in thought, word, or deed may we reach (his) priority in progress

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