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1. Hold your feet in readiness, and your two hands, and your understandings 5, O ye Zarathustrian Mazdayasnians! for the well-doing of lawful deeds in accordance with the sacred Order, and for the avoidance of the unlawful and evil deeds which are contrary to the ritual. Let the good deeds for the furtherance of husbandry be done 6 here. Render ye the needy rich 7. 2. Let Sraosha (Obedience) be present here for the worship of Ahura Mazda,

p. 358

the most helpful, and the holy, who is so desired by us in the pronunciation, and for the service, and the pondering 1 of the Yasna Haptanghâiti, for the heart's devotion to it, for its memorisation, and its victorious and holy recital (or for the victorious saint), without addition or omission, (3) which has been intoned, and which shall yet be uttered as great, powerful, smiting with victory, separate from harmful malice, for the pronunciation of victorious words for Ahura Mazda's Fire. (4, 5 are identical with Visp. I X, 6, 7.)


357:4 This piece is a later composed prelude to the Haptanghâiti, which it precedes in the Vendîdâd Sâdah.

357:5 Sursum corda!

357:6 Comp. gavôi verezyâtãm, Y. XLVIII, 5.

357:7 'Place the needy with those without need.'

358:1 Possibly mãzdâtaêka.

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