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1. According to the ritual we worship Ahura Mazda; according to the ritual we worship the Bountiful Immortals; and we sacrifice to the sacrificial word correctly spoken, and to every Mãthra (as to a sacred word of reason). And we sacrifice to Zarathustra, him who is especially the possessor of the Mãthra 3; and we sacrifice to the 'blessings for the saints' 4; and we worship the 'hail' 5 addressed to the Bountiful Immortals.

2. Also we worship the three principal (chapters) uttered (in the Yasna) without addition or omission 6;

p. 356

and we worship the three principal ones without addition or omission; we worship the three commencing ones entire without addition or omission 1. And we worship the entirety 2 of the three principal ones without addition or omission; and their Hâs, their metrical lines, their words, and their word-structure [and their recital, memorising, chanting, and their steadfast offering].


355:2 This fragment follows Y. XXX in the Vendîdâd Sâdah, and was written in allusion to Y. XXVIII, Y. XXIX, and Y. XXX.

355:3 Referring to mãthra srevaêmâ in Yasna XXVIII, 8.

355:4 Referring to the words savakâ ashavabyô in Yasna XXX, 11.

355:5 Referring to the word ustâ in Yasna XXX, 11.

355:6 The three first chapters XXVIII-XXX; the text has bad grammar, or broken connection.

356:1 It is difficult to see how anapishûtâ can mean 'without retrenchment,' but the context seems to require it, and the Pahlavi translation bears evidence to it. Perhaps read anapashûtâ.

356:2 'The whole three first.' Some suppose the three prayers to be intended (the Ahuna-vairya, the Ashem Vohû, and the YêNhê hâtãm). I think that the three chapters XXVIII-XXX are meant. As the piece follows those three chapters in the Vendîdâd Sâdah, so its expressions indicate a reference to them. This might tend to show that the Ahunavaiti was at one time, if not originally, divided at this place.

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