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1. We worship the (sacrificial) words correctly uttered, and Sraosha (Obedience) the blessed, and the good Ashi, (the blest order of our rites), and Nairya-sangha. And we worship the victorious Peace as the unprostrated and unmoved. And we sacrifice to the Fravashis of the saints, and to the Kinvat Bridge, and to the Garô Nmâna of Ahura, even Heaven, the best world of the saints, the shining and all glorious!

2. And we sacrifice to that better path 3 that leads to that Best World (as well). And we worship Arst (Justice) the good, which helps the settlements to advance and flourish, benefiting them thereby, that Arst which is the Mazdayasnian Faith; and (with her) we worship Rashnu the most just, and

p. 346

[paragraph continues] Mithra of the wide pastures. And we worship Parendi the wealthy, wealthy with a wealth of thoughts, with a throng of words, and with a breadth of actions, [for she makes our persons agile (for good thoughts and words and actions)]. 3. And we worship that virile defensive 1 Heroism which possesses men who think beforehand, and heroic men, which is fleeter 2 than the fleet, stronger than the strong, which comes to him who is endowed by God, which, when especially made theirs by men, produces one who is a freer of the body. And we worship Sleep 3, the Mazda-made, the gladdener of the herd and men. 4. And we worship those things in the creation of the holy which are the ancient institutions, those formed before the sky, the water, the land, the plants, and the Kine of blessed gift. And we worship the sea Vouru-kasha, and the stormy wind which is made by Mazda, and the shining heaven, of old created, the first-made earthly object of (all) the earthly world.

5. And we worship thee, the Fire, O Ahura Mazda's son! the holy lord of the ritual order, and this Baresman, having the Zaothra with it, and the girdle with it, spread out with sanctity, the holy ritual chief, and we worship Apãm-napât (the son of waters).


345:2 This chapter should be read after Yasna XVII, which it appropriately follows in the Vendîdâd Sâdah.

345:3 Possibly 'the best (better) course of that best world.'

346:1 One might consider, 'virile power which has men and heroes in the mind beforehand;' but vareti = gûrdîh.

346:2 Âsyayau (sic) and takhmôtãsyayau (sic) agree with feminines; possibly because of the male qualities referred to. They might be said to be in apposition lather than in agreement with the feminine.

346:3 Sleep is elsewhere an evil; a Demon, Bûshyãsta, rules it; but this is untimely sleep; see, on the other hand, Y. XLIV, 5.

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