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1. (Yea,) we sacrifice to the thoughts of the mind, and to the good wisdom, and to the good and blessed

p. 344

sanctity, and to the good religious knowledge, and to good health (of soul and body). [At their (several) seasons, and with the presence of seasonable circumstances, they are hymned 1.] 2. Confession is to be made for the Kine; we, Zarathustrian Mazdayasnians, celebrate at the sacrificial time for the Myazda-offering, at the time for the Ratufrîti, the prayer for blessings, for the sacrificial worship, homage, propitiation, and praise of the entire creation of the holy (and the clean).


343:4 This section, preceding Y. XI, closed in the B.V.S., seems to me p. 344 to belong properly after Yasna VIII, and the Myazda offering with the Ratufrîti.

344:1 Pâzand.

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