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1. I would worship these (the Bountiful Immortals) with my sacrifice, those who rule aright, and who dispose (of all) aright, and this one (especially) I would approach with my praise, (Ahura Mazda). He is thus hymned (in our praise-songs). Yea, we worship in our sacrifice that deity and lord, who is Ahura Mazda, the Creator, the gracious helper, the maker 1 of all good things; and we worship in our sacrifice Zarathustra Spitâma, that chieftain (of the rite).

2. And we would declare those institutions established for us, exact (and undeviating as they are). And I would declare forth those of Ahura Mazda, those of the Good Mind, and of Asha Vahista (who is Righteousness the Best), and those of Khshatra-vairya (the Realm to be desired), and those of the Bountiful Âramaiti (the Piety within us), and those of Weal and Immortality, and those which appertain to the body 2 of the Kine, and to the Kine's soul, and those which appertain to Ahura Mazda's Fire, (3) and those of Sraosha (Obedience)

p. 326

the blessed, and of Rashnu the most just, and those of Mithra of the wide pastures, and of (the good and) holy Wind, and of the good Mazdayasnian Religion, and of the good and pious Prayer for blessings, and those of the good and pious Prayer which frees one from belying, and the good and pious Prayer for blessing against unbelieving words 1. 4. (And these we would declare) in order that we may attain unto that speech which is uttered with (true) religious zeal, or that we may be as prophets of the provinces, that we may succour him 2 who lifts his voice (for Mazda 3), that we may be as prophets who smite with victory, the befriended of Ahura Mazda, and persons the most useful to Him 4, holy men (indeed) who think good thoughts, and speak good words, and do good deeds. 5. That he may approach us with the Good Mind 5, and that (our souls) may advance in good, let it thus come; yea, 'how may my soul advance in good? let it thus advance 6.'


6. We praise the flood and ebb of the good waters, and their roar, and that high Ahura, the royal Apãm-napât, the glittering one, of the fleet horses; and this for the sacrifice, and homage, and propitiation, and praise of the entire holy creation; and may Sraosha (Obedience) be here (to aid us). 7. (Yea), we sacrifice to Sraosha, Obedience the blessed 7.


325:1 Reading tashvaunghem(?) (comp. dadhvaunghem), according to the indication of the Pahlavi.

325:2 Tashan with change of accent. So the Pahlavi indicates.

326:1 Read the gloss to the Pahlavi in Visp. IX, 3, anêranîhâ.

326:2 Or, barentû, 'let them lift.'

326:3 Y. XXXI, 12.

326:4 See Y. XXXI, 22.

326:5 Y. XLIV, 1.

326:6 Y. XLIV, 8.

326:7 The YêNhê hâtãm.

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