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p. 309



1-17. (See Y. XVII, 1-17.) 18-27. (See Y. XXVI, 1-10.) 28. We worship Verethraghna, the Ahura-made, the victorious blow; and we worship the Saoshyant, who smites with victory; and we sacrifice to this Baresman with its Zaothra and its girdle (which is its band) and which is spread with sanctity. And we sacrifice to (our) own soul(s), and to (our) own Fravashi(s). 29. (See Y. XVII, 19.) 30. (The Ratu speaks): O thou good (servant of the Lord)! may that be thine which is better than the good; may’st thou acquire that which is (thine) own 1 in the Zaothra; may’st thou attain to that reward which the Zaotar has been obtaining 2, who is far advanced in his good thoughts, and words, and deeds.

31. (The Zaotar speaks): May that happen to you (likewise) which is better than the good, and may that not happen which is worse than the evil, and may that likewise not be my lot. 32. As (our) Ahû (is) excellent, so (is our) Ratu (one who rules) from his Righteousness, a creator of mental goodness, and of life's actions done for Mazda, and the Kingdom (is) to Ahura which to the poor will offer a nurturer. A blessing is Asha called the Best, &c. We sacrifice to the Ahuna-vairya; we sacrifice to Asha Vahista 3 the most beautiful, the Bountiful

p. 310

[paragraph continues] Immortal. And we sacrifice to the Fshûshô-mãthra, the by-spoken 1. And we sacrifice to the entire collection of the Praises of the Yasna; (yea), to the Yasna Praises which were instituted in the world of yore.


309:1 Avŏ nafsman.

309:2 Hanayamnô aungha, a periphrastic perfect.

309:3 Asha Vahista occurs as immediately suggested by the Ashem p. 310 Vohû formula, Asha Vahista seems therefore a proper name, both here and in the formula, if one place explains the other (?).

310:1 The ever-spoken (?). The YêNhê and Ahuna follow.

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