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1. Let the Airyaman, the desired friend and peers-man, draw near for grace to the men and to the women who are taught of Zarathustra, for the joyful grace of the Good Mind, whereby the conscience may attain its wished-for recompense. I pray for the sacred reward of the ritual order which is (likewise so much) to be desired; and may Ahura Mazda grant 3 it, (or cause it to increase).


2. We sacrifice to the Airyemâ-ishyô, the powerful; the victoriously smiting, the opponent of assaulting malice, the greatest of the sentences of the holy ritual order. And we sacrifice to the bounteous Gâthas that rule supreme in the ritual, the holy (and august). And we sacrifice to the Praises of the Yasna which were the productions of the world of old 4.


293:2 This piece in the Gâthic dialect, and in a metre supposed by some to be identical with that of the Vahistôisti, is very old, and ranks with the Ahuna-vairya and Ashem Vohû in importance.

293:3 Or, can masatâ (sic) equal 'with his liberality, or majesty,' leaving yantu to be understood with Ahurô?

293:4 The later Avesta notes the antiquity of the older.

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