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1. We worship You, O Ye Bountiful Immortals! with the entire collection of this Yasna, Haptanghâiti

p. 291

[paragraph continues] (as we sum up all). And we sacrifice to the fountains of the waters, and to the fordings of the rivers, to the forkings of the highways, and to the meetings of the roads.

2. And we sacrifice to the hills that run with torrents, and the lakes that brim with waters, and to the corn that fills the corn-fields; and we sacrifice to both the protector and the Creator, to both Zarathustra and the Lord.

3. And we sacrifice to both earth and heaven, and to the stormy wind that Mazda made, and to the peak of high Haraiti, and to the land, and all things good.

4. And we worship the Good Mind (in the living) and the spirits of the saints. And we sacrifice to the fish of fifty-fins 1, and to that sacred beast the Unicorn 2 (?) which stands in Vouru-kasha, and we sacrifice to that sea of Vouru-kasha where he stands, (5) and to the Haoma, golden-flowered, growing on the heights; yea, to the Haoma that restores us, and aids this world's advance. We sacrifice to Haoma that driveth death afar, (6) and to the flood-streams of the waters, and to the great flights of the birds, and to the approaches of the Fire-priests, as they approach us from afar 3, and seek to gain the provinces, and spread the ritual lore. And we sacrifice to the Bountiful Immortals all 4!


290:5 Of not greatly later origin.

291:1 See, however, Bundahis (West), p. 66.

291:2 See Bundahis, chap. XIX, also Darmesteter, Ormuzd and Ahriman (pp. 148-150).

291:3 Yôi yêyã dûrât points to a migration of Zoroastrianism, coming West (?).

291:4 For Yasna XLIII-LI, see above, pp. 98-187.

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