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1. The eighty-fourth subject is this, when they wish to sleep, it is requisite to utter one Yathâ-ahû-vairyô and one Ashem-vohû 1, and to accomplish repentance one is to speak thus: 'I am sorrowing for, and repentant and in renunciation of all that sin which I have spoken and was imagined by

p. 349

me, and has assailed me; of these actions I am in renunciation 1.'

2. Afterwards one is to lie down; and every time that one acts in the manner that I have mentioned, and wears the sacred thread-girdle on the waist—while he is equally sharing the whole of the good works which they are performing in all the world during that night, and he is of similar merit 2—every single breath that he inhales and exhales is a good work of a weight of three dirhams. 3. And when he turns from side to side he should, in like manner, recite one Ashem-vohû 3.


348:1 See Chap. VII, 1 n.

349:1 This is the general form of a Patit or renunciation of sin.

349:2 B29 omits these six words.

349:3 See Chap. LXXX, 8. This chapter nearly corresponds to Sls. X, 24.

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