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1. The eighty-second subject is this, that, when thou risest up from the bed-clothes, it is necessary to tie the sacred thread-girdle 3 again at that same place, and it is not desirable to put forth a step without the girdle.

2. For it is declared in revelation, that every single step which one puts forth without the sacred thread-girdle is a Farmân sin 4, and through four steps it becomes a Tanâvar sin which would be a weight of a thousand and two hundred dirhams 5. 3. Therefore, it is necessary to keep watch over oneself, as regards this sin, and to tie on the sacred thread-girdle.


347:3 See Chaps. X, XLVI.

347:4 See Sls. I, 2, IV, 10, XI, 2.

347:5 The dirham being probably about 63 grains (see Dd. LII, 1 n).

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