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1. The forty-second subject is this, that it is necessary to practise strict abstinence from that sin which affects accusers 2. 2. That would be when any one slanders (buhtânad) 3, or any one commits a rape on the wife of some one 4, or causes a woman to occupy a separate bed from her own husband.

3. These are sins for which there is no retribution, except when thou beggest forgiveness of that person whom thy sin has assailed. 4. Afterwards, they keep back the soul, at the Kinvad bridge, till the time when its antagonist arrives and exacts justice from it; then it obtains release.

5. Every time that any one applies a falsehood or a slander to some person, so that people are afterwards

p. 306

telling that falsehood again, and it vexes the heart of that person, they are bringing punishment ever anew on the soul of that former one. 6. The sin does not depart through the performance of duties and good works, so long as he does not make his antagonist satisfied.

7. This is a grave sin, and it is requisite to he careful that they do not commit it.


305:2 Any sin that injures another party who, thereupon, becomes an accuser and must be satisfied, by atonement, before the sin can be expiated (see Sls. VIII, 1 n).

305:3 Lp, B29 have 'applies falsehood and slander to any one.'

305:4 See Chap. LXIII, 11. Lp omits these twelve words.

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