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1. The twenty-seventh subject is this, that is, if any affair comes forward, that they should thoroughly understand 2 whether it be a good work, or a sin. 2. In that manner it becomes better that they make an evasion on the spot 3, until a time when they make it known with accuracy 4 that that affair is a sin or a reward. 3. If they perform any affair without knowing this, although it be a good work, it becomes a sin for them.

4. For it is declared in revelation, that, except that which they enquire of the high-priests, no affair whatever is proper to perform. 5. Whatever wisdom there be for any one from his own head is only one; then, as two wisdoms are more than one 5, it therefore makes it expedient to enquire of the high-priests.


290:2 Lp has 'that they should be told,' and B29 has 'that one should realise.'

290:3 See Sls. X, 25, 27.

290:4 Lp adds 'and truly,' and B29 has 'make known that it is false or true.'

290:5 Lp, B29 omit these eight words.

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