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1. The twenty-fourth subject is this, that when an infant is born from its mother it is necessary that they give it the consecrated Hôm-juice 2, on this account, that understanding (’haql), wisdom, and

p. 287

knowledge may more abundantly get to it, and the want (ablat) of them may come more scantily upon it 1.

2. If, at that time, they do not perform the consecration, they should take forth a little Hôm for it 2, and recite 3 a Yathâ-ahû-vairyô 4, and put a trifle of water into it, and make Hôm-juice of that, and give it to the infant, and afterwards 5 milk.


286:2 See Mkh. LVII, 28 n, Sls. X, 16.

287:1 B29 omits these eleven words.

287:2 B29 adds 'in the Hôm-mortar.'

287:3 B29 adds 'and utter.'

287:4 See Mkh. XXVII, 70 n.

287:5 Lp, B29 insert 'they are to give.'

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