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1. The twentieth subject is this, that it is incumbent on those of the good religion that they continually give something to the worthy to eat, on account (gihat) of that which it says in revelation 3 thus: 'When thou givest things to some one that he may eat, every duty and good work that he performs in that state of repletion become those of that person, who has given that bread or food to him, just like those which he has performed with his own hand.' 2. And if he commits a sin, he who may have given food to him is innocent. 3. But it is necessary that he be of the good religion and worthy; they should give something to one of a different religion only in case of extreme necessity (ʓ̣arûrat), lest it become as a sin.


282:3 In the Nihâdûm Nask (see Sls. X, 23, XII, 16).

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