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1. The thirteenth subject is this, that it is necessary to maintain the souls of fathers, mothers, and relations properly. 2. And, when any day of theirs 4 occurs, it is necessary to make an endeavour, so that they may accomplish the ceremonial (yazisn), the sacred feast (myazd), the consecration of the sacred cakes (drôn), and the benedictions (âfrîngân).

3. For it is declared in revelation, that, every time that any day of theirs occurs, they will bring with

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themselves 9999 guardian spirits of the righteous, like that case when any one goes home himself, and brings people (qaûm) in hospitality. 4. And, when they utter 1 the consecration of the sacred cakes and sacred feast and the benedictions, those people become joyful and utter blessings on that house and master of the house, and on the house-mistress and any persons who are in that house.

5. But if they do not celebrate the sacred feast, the consecration of the sacred cakes, the ceremonial, and the benedictions, the spirits will remain for them in that place from dawn as long as the period of a day, and are maintaining a hope that 'perhaps they will have us in remembrance.' 6. Then, if they do not bring them 2 into remembrance, the souls turn upwards from that place, go very quickly on high, and will say, 'O creator Hôrmazd! they do not know that we are such as we are 3, and that it is necessary for them 4 to come into this world, and in this world they will not give any one acquittal. 7. For them there is need of the good works in consecrating the sacred cakes and celebrating the sacred feast and benedictions; there is no need of them for such as we. 8. Yet (va lîkin), if they would have maintained a place for 5 the duty of those days, we should have turned away from them misfortunes of various kinds; but, as they have not maintained 6 observance of us in the day's duty, we are not able to come in friendship to this house.'

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[paragraph continues] 9. Thus much they say, and turn away in anger, and go away from that place.


273:4 That is, on the monthly and annual anniversaries of their deaths, when ceremonies are requisite (see Sls. XVII, 5 n). Compare Chap. XXXVII.

274:1 B29 has 'celebrate.'

274:2 Literally 'us.' Lp, B29 omit this and the next two words.

274:3 Lp, B29 have 'that just like us are they.'

274:4 Lp, B29 omit 'for them.'

274:5 B29 has 'maintained observance of us in.'

274:6 B29 inserts 'proper.'

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