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1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: 'Wherefore is it when there are instances when a lazy, ignorant, and bad man attains to eminence and great welfare, (3) and there are instances when a worthy, wise, and good man attains to grievous misery, perplexity, and indigence?'

4. The spirit of wisdom answered (5) thus: 'As to him who is a lazy, ignorant, and bad man, when his destiny becomes a helper, that laziness of his then becomes like unto diligence, that ignorance unto 2 knowledge, and that vileness unto 2 goodness. 6. And as to him who is a wise, worthy, and good man, when his destiny is an opponent, that wisdom of his then turns to stupidity and foolishness (alakîh), and that worthiness to ignorance; (7) and his

p. 94

knowledge, skill, and worthiness become manifestly secluded 1.'


93:2 L19 has 'like unto' in all three clauses.

94:1 See Chap. XV, 6 n. Nêr. has in Sans. 'are manifest in immobility.'

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