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1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: 'Which man is the mightier? 3. Which road is the more dreadful? 4. Which account is the more

p. 82

perplexing? 5. Which tie 1 is the pleasanter? 6. Which work is the more regretable? 7. And which gift is the more unprofitable?'

8. The spirit of wisdom answered (9) thus: 'That man is the mightier who is able to struggle with his own fiends 2; (10) and, in particular, he who keeps these five fiends far from his person, (11) which are such as greediness, wrath, lust, disgrace, and discontent. 12. The road in passing over the Kindvar bridge 3 is the more dreadful. 13. The account for a soul of the wicked is the more perplexing. 14. The tie of children is the pleasanter and more desirable. 15. That work is the more regretable which they do for the ungrateful. 16. And that gift is the more unprofitable which they give to the unworthy 4.'


82:1 K43 has bôî, 'scent,' which is distinguished from band, 'tie,' only by diacritical marks in Pahlavi.

82:2 His own passions and failings personified as fiends.

82:3 See Chap. II, 115, 162.

82:4 L19 has 'to the ungrateful and unworthy.'

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