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1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: Which of any living existence (zîvêndag-1) is the worse? 3. And in wisdom who is the more unforeseeing 2?'

4. The spirit of wisdom answered (5) thus: 'A life of him is the worse, who lives in fear and falsehood 3. 6. And in wisdom he is the more unforeseeing, who does not provide for 4 the spiritual existence, and attends to the worldly one.'


67:2 Literally, 'more unforeknowing (apasdânîktar).' L19 has 'more unapprovable (apasandasnîtar).'

67:3 See Chap. XIX, 6.

67:4 L19 has 'does not believe in.'

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