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p. 66


1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: 'Who is the more forgiving (vakhshayânîktar)? 3. What is the more in strength? 4. What is the swifter 1? 5. What is the happier? 6. What is the more miserable 2?'

7. The spirit of wisdom answered (8) thus: 'Aûharmazd, the lord, is the more forgiving. 9. He saw 3 the nine thousand years’ mischief 4 among his own creatures, owing to Aharman, yet afterwards, through justice and forgiveness, he does not then smite him for it 5.

10. 'And the celestial sphere is the more in strength. 11. The intellect 6 of mankind is the swifter. 12. The souls of the righteous are the happier. 13. And those of the wicked are the more penitent 7.'


66:1 Or 'sharper.'

66:2 L19 adds 'what is the more hopeless?'

66:3 L19 has 'who sees.'

66:4 The period appointed for the conflict between the good and evil spirits (see Chap. VIII, 11).

66:5 Reading êdînasas, which Nêr. has misread ainâs, 'otherwise him.' L19 has 'yet then, except with justice and patience, he does not smite him otherwise.' It is also possible to read 'he does not smite him without listening (agûshas).'

66:6 L19 has 'the thought.'

66:7 L19 has 'the more miserable and more hopeless.'

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