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1. The sage asked the spirit of 1 [wisdom (2) thus: 'Which protection is the more defensive? 3. Which friend 2 (4) and which supporter of fame are good? 5. Which helper of enjoyment is good? 6. Which wealth is the pleasanter? 7. And which is the supremest pleasure of all pleasures 3?'

8. The spirit of wisdom answered (9) thus: 'The sacred being is the more defensive protection. 10. A virtuous brother is a good friend. 11. A child, who is virtuous and an upholder of religion, is a good supporter of fame. 12. A virtuous wife, who is well-disposed, is a good helper of enjoyment. 13. That wealth is better and pleasanter which is collected by honesty, and one consumes and maintains with duties and good works. 14. And the pleasures which are superior to all pleasures are health of body, freedom from fear, good repute, and righteousness 4.'


41:1 From this point to Chap. XXVII, 49 the Pahlavi text of K43 is missing, owing to the loss of nine folios in that MS., but a copy of the missing passage, made by Dastur Hoshangji Jamaspji from TD2, has been consulted for the purpose of controlling the Pâz. version of L19.

41:2 L19 inserts 'is good?'

41:3 TD2 has 'which is the friend who is the supremest of friends;' but this does not correspond well with the reply in § 14.

41:4 TD2 adds 'and are good.'

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