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1. The sage asked the spirit of wisdom (2) thus: 'Wherefore is it when the treasure of the spiritual existence is allotted so truly, and that of the worldly existence so falsely?'

3. The spirit of wisdom answered (4) thus: 'The treasure of the worldly existence was 2 allotted as truly, in the original creation, as that of the spiritual existence. 5. And the creator, Aûharmazd, provided the

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happiness of every kind, that is in these creatures and creation, for the use (bûn) of the sun 1 and moon and those twelve constellations which are called the twelve chieftains 2 by revelation; (6) and they, too, accepted it in order to allot it truly and deservedly.

7. 'And, afterwards, Aharman produced those seven planets, such as are called the seven chieftains of Aharman, for dissipating 3 and carrying off that happiness from the creatures of Aûharmazd, in opposition to the sun and moon and those twelve constellations. 8. And as to every happiness which those-constellations bestow on the creatures of Aûharmazd, (9) those planets take away as much of it as it is possible for them (the constellations) to give 4, (10) and give it up to the power of the demons 5 and fiends and the bad.

11. 'And the treasure of the spiritual existence is so true on this account, because Aûharmazd, the lord, with all the angels and archangels, is 6 undisturbed, (12) and they make the struggle with Aharman and the demons, and also the account of the souls of men, with justice. 13. And the place of him whose good work is more is in heaven, (14) the place of him whose good work and sin are equal is among the ever-stationary 7, (15) and when the crime is more, his path is then to hell.'


37:2 Literally, 'is.'

38:1 Literally, 'Mitrô,' the angel of the sun.

38:2 See Chap. VIII, 17-21.

38:3 By omitting one letter K43 has 'miscreating.'

38:4 By omitting this verb L19 has 'possible for them (the planets).'

38:5 So understood by Nêr., but all the best MSS. omit the relative particle, as if 'the powerful demons' were meant.

38:6 Literally, 'are.'

38:7 See Chap. VII, 18.

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