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1. A well-reflecting person, moreover, is able to understand that which is written by me, in private, in writing unto the good people of Sîrkân, as perhaps a legitimate copy 5 of a writing of that kind from

p. 351

me may be near you; and it was like the production of some one for the tearing and rending of his own limbs, and for the purpose of bringing on that remedy--the burning, torturing medicine that is religious 1--whose purpose is to remain away from the steadfast while abiding by the commands of religion. 2. This same epistle 2, which was one of very great incompleteness, and one as it were thinking very severely, was similar to the decision (azad 3) to which I have come on the same subject, which is written of below and again; and accompanying this epistle was a man of my own with a further epistle 4. 3. I am discharging (vigârakŏ) my own duty as regards it 5, where I so arrange affairs of every kind which it is possible for me to complete for a period of three months 6, and come myself to where you are, and that mastery (kîrîh) which is prepared is again arranged when it is wanted by them 7.

4. You have already become a reserver (khamo-sîdâr) and rapid preparer of the adaptation of words in which cogency exists, and have clearly explained

p. 352

as much as is in sight about the reason of altering that decree, concerning which your opinion is written with great judiciousness. 5. But as to the understanding which prompted you to write properly, and not to alter the rites and purifications of the Avesta, and about the duty of purifying the purifiers 1, such as has entered into the practice of the good, the propriety is declared in the teaching of the high-priests; and to do it better, so far as is possible, is to strive forwards in goodness.

6. Also, as regards changing the law of the fifteen times washing 2, just as it is for Irân in which purifiers are to be found, it is ordered for places to be found without purifiers; and it is in the countries of Irân that the order is given regarding purifiers not thus appointed for the work.


350:5 The MSS. have pînŏ, instead of pakînŏ. This copy of Ep. I is mentioned in Ep. I, xi, 10.

351:1 Probably meaning 'remorse.'

351:2 Ep. I.

351:3 Chald. ‏ו ?Aֲ?Zַ?D‎, referring to his general mandate (Ep. III) mentioned again in Chap. VIII, 1.

351:4 The temporary epistle to Zâd-sparam (mentioned in Ep. I, xi, 1, 5), of which no copy has been preserved.

351:5 J begins as follows:--'And I will come later on and more combatively, when it is requisite for the sacred beings (or for them); I am also myself in possession of an opportunity as regards it.'

351:6 This period for his visit to Sîrkân is also mentioned in Ep. I, xi, 4.

351:7 Or 'by the sacred beings;' the words yazdân and sân being written alike.

352:1 J has 'and not to alter the purification in the rites of the Avesta.'

352:2 See Chaps. III, 2, IX, 2, Ep. I, ii, 6, note.

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