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p. 76


1. As to the thirty-third question and reply, that which you ask is thus: In what manner is there one way of the righteous from the Dâîtih peak 1 to heaven, and one of the wicked to hell; and what is their nature?

2. The reply is this, that one is for ascent, and one for descent; and on account of both being of one appearance I write thus much for understanding and full explanation, that is to say:--3. The righteous souls pass over on the Kinvad bridge 2 by spiritual flight and the power of good works; and they step forth up to the star, or to the moon, or to the sun station, or to the endless light 3. 4. The soul of the wicked, owing to its falling from the bridge, its lying demon, and the pollution collected by its sin, they shall lead therefrom to the descent into the earth, as both ways lead from that bridge on the Dâîtih peak.


76:1 See Chap. XXI, 2.

76:2 See Chap. XXI, 2-7.

76:3 These are the four grades of heaven, as described in AV. VII-X, Mkh. VII, 9-11.

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