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1. The twenty-eighth question is that you ask thus: For what reason is it not allowable to perform

p. 61

the ceremony of Srôsh, the living spirit (ahvô) 1, along with other propitiations (shnûmanŏ) 2, when they reverence him separately?

2. The reply is this, that the lord of all things is the creator who is persistent over his own creatures, and a precious work is his own true service 3 which is given by him to Srôsh the righteous whom, for this reason, one is to reverence separately when even his name is not frequently mentioned, and one is not even to reverence the names of the archangels with him.


61:1 Probably a miswriting of ashôk, 'righteous.'

61:2 Short formulas of praise, reciting all the usual titles of the spirits intended to be propitiated by them, which are introduced into a particular part of the liturgy to dedicate the ceremony to the particular spirit in whose honour it is being performed (see Sls. VII, 8).

61:3 Reading bôndakîh; but it may be bûndakîh, 'completeness, perfection.'

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