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1. The twenty-fifth question is that which you ask thus: How are the nature of heaven (vahistô), and the comfort and pleasure which are in heaven?

2. The reply is this, that it is lofty, exalted, and

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supreme, most brilliant, most fragrant, and most pure, most supplied with beautiful existences, most desirable, and most good, and the place and abode of the sacred beings (yazdânŏ). 3. And in it are all comfort, pleasure, joy, happiness (vasîdâgîh), and welfare, more and better even than the greatest and supremest welfare and pleasure in the world; and there is no want, pain, distress, or discomfort whatever in it; and its pleasantness and the welfare of the angels are from that constantly-beneficial place (gâs), the full and undiminishable space (gûng1, the good and boundless world.

4. And the .freedom of the heavenly from danger from evil in heaven is like unto their freedom from disturbance, and the coming of the good angels is like unto the heavenly ones' own good works provided. 5. This prosperity (freh-hastŏ) and welfare of the spiritual existence is more than that of the world, as much as that which is unlimited and everlasting is more than that which is limited and demoniacal (sêdânîkŏ).


57:1 See Chap. XXXI, 24.

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