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1. The tenth question is that which you ask thus: Does the growth which increases become as commendable in the fourth night 2 as the original good work 3 in his possession, or does it become otherwise?

2. The reply is this, that it is otherwise; for the original good work stands up opposing sin, and the growing good work 4 stands up opposed to the growth of sin.


30:2 After death, when all the immediate ceremonies for the dead have been completed (see Sls. XVII, 5 note).

30:3 Literally 'the good work of the beginning.' That bûn kirfakŏ does not here stand for bûn-î kirfakŏ, 'the origin or root of the good work,' appears from Chap. XII, 1, where it is written kirfakŏ-î bûn.

30:4 Literally 'the good work of growth.'

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