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p. 22

1. The fourth question is that which you ask thus: Of this destruction (zadam) and terror which ever happen to us from the retribution 1 of the period, and are a cause of the other evils and defects of the good religion, what kind of opinion exists? And 'is there a good opinion of us among the spirits, or not?

2. The reply is this, that it is said in the revelation of the Mazda-worshippers that the impediments (râs-bandîh), through which there is vexation in righteousness, are because its doctrine is this, that, regarding the difficulty, anxiety, and discomfort which occur through good works set going, it is not desirable to account them as much difficulty, trouble, and discomfort. 3. Whereas it is not desirable to account them as anxiety and difficulty, it is then declared by it 2 thereof, that, as its recompense, so much comfort and pleasure will come to the soul, as that no one is to think of that difficulty and discomfort which came upon him through so many such good works, because he is steadfast to maintain the good religion, and utters thanksgivings (va stâyedŏ). 4. And as regards the discomfort 3, which the same good religion of ours has had, it comes on from the opponents of the religion.

p. 23

5. Through the coming, of religion we have full enjoyment (barâ gûkârêm), and owing. to religion, unlike bondsmen (abûrdŏgânvâr), we do not become changeable among the angels; our spiritual life (ahvôîh) of praise then arrives in readiness, and owing to the angels there are joyous salutation, spiritual life, and glory for the soul.


22:1 Reading pâdasân, but by a slight alteration M14 and J have pâdakhshahân, 'monarchs,' which is equally suitable.

22:2 By revelation.

22:3 M14 and J have 'and he remains thereby certain that his good works are in the statement (mâdîgânŏ) of good works, and as regards all that terror, anxiety (vayâdŏ), and discomfort,' &c.

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