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1. The conflict waged with plants was that when 5 they became quite dry. 2. Amerôdad the arch-angel,

p. 31

as the vegetation was his own, pounded the plants small, and mixed them up with the water whichstar seized, and Tîstar made that water rain down upon the whole earth. 3. On the whole earth plants grew up like hair upon the heads of men. 4. Ten thousand 1 of them grew forth of one special description, for keeping away the ten thousand species of disease which the evil spirit produced for the creatures; and from those ten thousand, the 100,000 species 2 of plants have grown forth.

5. From that same germ of plants the tree of all germs 3 was given forth, and grew up in the wide-formed ocean, from which the germs of all species of plants ever increased. 6. And near to that tree of all germs the Gôkard tree 4 was produced, for keeping away deformed (dûspad) decrepitude; and the full perfection of the world arose therefrom.


30:5 Reading amat, 'when,' instead of mûn, 'which' (see the note to Chap. 1, 7).

31:1 See Chap. XXVII, 2.

31:2 Here 120,000 are mentioned, but see Chap. XXVII, 2, and Selections of Zâd-sparam, VIII, 2.

31:3 Or, 'of all seeds' (see Chap. XVIII, 9).

31:4 The white-Hôm tree (see Chaps. XVIII, 1-6, XXVII, 4).

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