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NOW, Christ Jesus--the perfected spiritual, not physical, man--is the culmination of the human stream which flows upwards into the bosom of God. Man, arising by evolution from the lowest, finds his highest development, as man, in the Christ. Having reached this point, he is the perfect Son of Man, in that he is produced in and of Humanity; and being such, and because he is such, he receives the baptism of the Logos. Now, the Logos is the Adonai 4 a word which implies Duality. And the Adonai is the Son of God, the Only-Begotten, the Two-in-One, whose manifestation is possible only through the Christ. The Celestial Trinity is composed of Substance, Force, and Law. Force is Original Life, or God the Father. Substance is Original Being, or God the Mother. Indissolubly conjoined, together they are Living Substance, the En-Soph or Boundless One of the Kabala. In themselves incapable of manifestation, they become manifest in and through Law, their Expression, Word, Logos, or Son. But

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the Logos is celestial, and the human could not know him in his divine nature. That the human may touch and know the divine, it is necessary for the two natures to meet. This is accomplished in "Christ Jesus." Christ signifies the Anointed. He is human in pedigree; and his Christhood is attained only when he receives into his own spirit the Logos. Then is accomplished the union of the two natures, the divine and the human. The two streams meet and mingle, and thenceforth man knows and understands God--through the Christ. For the Christ, having received the Logos, is Son of God, as well as Son of Man; and the Son of God in him reveals to him the Father. Man as human only could not say, as the Christ says--"I and the Father are One." It is the in-dwelling Word who enables him to say this--"For He who dwelleth in the bosom of God (the Logos) even He hath revealed God." Having received the Law, or Word, the Christ receives also the Father and the Wisdom of God through the Word or Son, because Adonai--being the Duality--manifests both of these to and in the Christ. Hence Stephen, dying, exclaimed--"Behold, I see the Heavens open, and the Son of Man standing on the right hand of God." In this utterance he declares the union of the Human and the Divine. He declares that in Christ, Adonai is manifest; and that in consequence of this union, humanity is exalted into Heaven. For humanity can attain to the celestial only through "Christ." When man penetrates into this sphere he is "in Christ Jesus." And, as Paul says, "being in Christ he is in God, and God in him; for Christ is God's." God, so to speak, lays hold of man in Christ, and draws him into Heaven. For at this moment both rivers meet, and flow one into the other in indissoluble union, the Logos in the Christ, the Divine in the Human, the God in Man.


68:3 London, July 12, 1881. Received in sleep.

68:4 The name invariably substituted by the Hebrews for Jehovah in speaking. See Part II, No. VIII: also Part III.    E. M.

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