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THE difference between the "Son of God" and the mere prophet is that the former is born regenerate, and is therefore said to be "born of a virgin." 2 But regeneration is a union of the soul and spirit, and is not a process in which the body bears a part. In the "Baptism" Jesus received the, Æon, or "Dove," and was filled with the Holy Ghost, becoming a Medium for the Highest. The Christ is informed from within, and "needeth not that any man should tell him; for he knows what is in man." But the adept receives from without, and is instructed by others.

The adept, or "occultist," is at best a religious scientist; he is not a "saint." If occultism were all, and held the key of heaven, there would be no need of "Christ." But occultism, although it holds the "power," holds neither the "kingdom" nor the "glory." For these are of Christ. The adept knows not the kingdom of heaven, and "the least in this kingdom are greater than he." "Desire first the kingdom of God and God's righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." As Jesus said of Prometheus, 3 "Take no thought for to-morrow. Behold the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, and trust God as these." For the saint has faith; the adept has knowledge. If the adepts in occultism or in physical science could suffice

p. 64

to man, I would have committed no message to you. But the two are not in opposition. All things are yours, even the kingdom and the power, but the glory is to God. Do not be ignorant of their teaching, for I would have you know all. Take, therefore, every means to know. This knowledge is of man, and cometh from the mind. Go, therefore, to man to learn it. "If you will be perfect, learn also of these." "Yet the wisdom which is from above, is above all." For one man may begin from within, that is, with wisdom, and wisdom is one with love. Blessed is the man who chooseth wisdom, for she leaveneth all things. And another man may begin from without, and that which is without is power. To such there shall be a thorn in the flesh. 1 For it is hard in such case to attain to the within. But if a man be first wise inwardly, he shall the more easily have this also added unto him. For he is born again and is free. Whereas at a great price must the adept buy freedom. Nevertheless, I bid you seek; and in this also you shall find. But I have shown you a more excellent way than theirs. Yet both Ishmael and Isaac are sons of one father, and of all her children is Wisdom justified. So neither are they wrong, nor are you led astray. The goal is the same; but their way is harder than yours. They take the kingdom by violence, if they take it, and by much toil and agony of the flesh. But from the time of Christ within you, the kingdom is open to the sons of God. Receive what you can receive; I would have you know all things. And if you have served seven years for wisdom, count it not loss to serve seven years for power also. For if Rachel bear the best beloved, Leah hath many sons, and is exceeding fruitful. But her eye is not single; she looketh two ways, and seeketh not that which is above only. But to you Rachel is given first, and perchance her beauty may suffice. I say not, let it suffice; it is better to know all things, for if you know not all, how can you judge all? For as a man heareth, so must he judge. Will you therefore be regenerate in the without, as well as in the within? For they are renewed in the body, but you in the soul. It is well to be baptized into John's baptism, if a man receive also the Holy Ghost. But some know not so much as that there is any Holy Ghost. Yet Jesus also, being himself regenerate in the spirit, sought unto the baptism of John, for thus it became him to fulfil himself in all things. And having fulfilled, behold, the "Dove" descended on him. If then you will be perfect. seek

p. 65

both that which is within and that which is without; and the circle of being, which is the "wheel of life," shall be complete in you. 1


63:1 London, June 1881. Received in sleep, in answer to an inquiry respecting the advisability of studying occult science.    E. M.

Referred to in Life of Anna Kingsford, vol. ii, pp. 97-98.

63:2 I.e. his own soul purified from taint of materiality-the soul being always the "mother" of the mystic or interior man. See "Definitions" in Appendix.    E. M.

63:3 A term which signifies forethought. The remonstrance is against undue anxiety and alarm on the soul's behalf while in the path of duty, as implying distrust of the divine sufficiency. See Appendix, note J.    E. M.

64:1 I.e. the flesh itself is their thorn. E. M.

65:1 The above interpretation concerning Rachel and Leah, as we subsequently ascertained, is on the lines of the Kabala.    E. M.

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