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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 86


Although the scientific discoveries and inventions of the New Age will cause endless amazement and discussion over the new methods introduced, a much more important phase will radically change all of man's relations with his fellowmen.

We speak of the "lectures" (if ye would so name them) which will be given in all parts of the world upon any subject pertinent to that particular section and the inhabitants thereof. These demonstrations of practical ways in which newly apprehended etheric forces may be utilized to lighten laborious tasks and increase the comfort and happiness of the so-called "common people" will be arranged by the leaders appointed. These special leaders will not be chosen by the people, since their duties will not be of a judiciary character. They will be persons of high intelligence and spiritual enlightenment, yet withal, keenly aware of the vital necessity for bringing these attributes into play in a realistic way, during the reconstruction period of the world's regeneration.

These leaders will make all arrangements for the addresses but they will not be the speakers. One of the very surprising incidents of the New Era will be the introduction of Teachers from the now "invisible" realms. These visiting instructors will be experts

p. 87

chosen for their intimate knowledge and experience along the various lines in which their audiences desire to excel. They will be garbed in accord with the customs of those who come to learn of them. They will speak their language. It will not be some "foreigner" intruding to instruct in the use of strange new implements and stranger modes of dress and behavior. It will be like one of their very own people pointing out to them better ways of managing their own affairs, that they may minimize and finally abolish evils long existent. Little by little, through their own efforts, in response to suggestions given, their entire mode of living will be elevated to a higher standard than they have ever known.

I speak not of deliberately retrogressive nations. They will no longer cumber the earth. Those of whom I speak are inherently honest and honorable members of the human race who have been repressed and retarded, not of their own volition but through forced subjection to men more powerful and aggressive but far less amenable to higher instruction and consequent progress. They will soon emerge from the apathy induced by domination to the point of slavery, and their minds once awakened will eagerly accept and put into actual practice the principles explained and new methods applicable to their daily tasks. By utilizing "moving pictures" (taken on other planets) demonstrating these improved techniques

p. 88

within the compass of their understanding, then patiently answering questions regarding the use of unfamiliar implements, they will readily respond and cooperate.

We use these downtrodden people to illustrate this system of teaching. By "importing" speakers from high planes and other planets to give detailed instructions on a multitude of different topics, fully illustrated, desired changes in customs and general behavior of the populace will be quickly achieved.

The very novelty of such an experience will lend interest and there will be a certain prestige attached to adopting the advice of these adepts from hitherto unknown sections of the Universe. Even the simplest of counsel will acquire fresh significance when given by so distinguished a coterie of speakers! This plan will augment and greatly simplify the work of those mortals who will be called upon to conduct classes for the enlightenment of willing but ignorant aspirants wishing to qualify for New Age Living.

None will be asked to sit in any dark and poorly ventilated room to meet these guests from realms long regarded as invisible. Nay, they will appear among ye as well attired as thyselves (sic—JBH) and ye will so welcome them, with unaffected cordiality!

This be a most pleasant occurrence to contemplate and it shall surely come to pass! It is plainly depicted on the Screen of Things-to-Come! Amen! So be it!

p. 89


A most gratifying change is now taking place in the general attitude of the people of Shan (the earth). No longer do great masses of the inhabitants of this and other countries, regard our super-powered airships as monstrosities threatening their safety of body and property but adopt a more sane and cooperative course of action, showing willingness to give us the benefits of a doubt as to our intentions.

We cannot but feel somewhat amused at times over the pride exhibited by those who have succeeded in registering undecipherable squeaks and whistling sounds on their poorly constructed receiving instruments! Were they familiar with the forces we employ in sending these signals (which are not, in most instances, intended to be translated into the language of any particular country) we could soon devise a method of communication satisfactory to everyone concerned. I speak of a mechanism. As the matter now stands, it is we who must acquaint ourselves with the curious combinations of sounds transmitting to your minds the ideas to be conveyed. These vary so completely in different sections of the globe as to present quite a problem to our men. Were you conversant

p. 90

with the art of thought transference, as we know and practice it, our friendly intercourse would lose much of its present difficulty and become a pleasing possibility. Our use of this type of "conversation" has been developed over uncounted ages of constant practice. When we employ your method of using appropriate words to convey our meaning, it is to us as tedious as if you had to spell aloud (or write) each word you wished to speak, which you would find quite tiresome . . . the latter often necessary in talking with the deaf. Thus (not intending any disrespect) we must perforce regard earth dwellers somewhat in the light of "deaf people" who must be reached through the medium of sight.

We ourselves have to a great extent dispensed with sound, so many noises to which you are accustomed (therefore do not seem annoying) are to our sensitized ears almost "deafening" as you would express it. You marvel that our Space Ships operate noiselessly; that we appear and disappear without the least sound, or at most a "swishing sound" caused by contact with your dense atmosphere.

Can you not understand we must learn to do what we have in mind, using the crude elements at your disposal, since you have little or no knowledge of the existence of forces we find so perfectly suited to our purposes? We fully realize how impossible it is for you to duplicate our accustomed modes of procedure

p. 91

in all the practical details of our ordinary daily lives, with your present limited "laboratory" of etheric essences suited only to the present atmospheric conditions surrounding your planet.

And so, my friends, we are forced to acquaint ourselves with your irksome limitations and adapt ourselves to your rather trying conditions, atmospherically and in many other ways, that we may be able to render the assistance asked of us in the present transition of your darkened planet into an orb of shining splendor!

That this transition must take place simultaneously on the material, the mental and the soul levels (irrespective of purely religious concepts), poses many seemingly insurmountable difficulties.

That which cannot, because of its very nature, or will not, by reason of man's free choice, be transmuted into a higher rate of vibration . . . must through "Natural Laws" (similar to the familiar Law of Gravitation) sink to a level disassociating it from that portion of the earth and its inhabitants capable of rising to a finer type of existence, compatible with the vastly accelerated (or "quickened" since it is more alive) condition in which you will soon find yourselves!

If you are able to visualize such a marvelously, joyously "revised edition" of your present doleful life in toto . . . then I greet you as future residents of the New World in a New Age!

My Love!
(Signed) ASHTAR

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