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In Days To Come, by Ashtar (Ethel P. Hill), [1957], at

p. 79


Were it possible for thee to see with thy physical eyes (or to retain in thy physical brain the memory of) scenes at this moment taking place on astral planes in close proximity to the earth plane, then would ye be relieved of much of thy burden of anxiety concerning the outcome of violent clashes now occurring within sight and sound of thine eyes and ears, as of thy conscious knowledge.

Soon thy superconscious mind will release to thee faint glimmerings of changes even now in preparation on the earth. Yea of a truth, they come into manifestation first upon the astral planes before materializing in earthly form through strange diversities of circumstance. Those most strenuously opposing their advent, do frequently act (quite unwittingly) as their strongest proponents. Seeing the frightful ravages wrought by devotees of diabolical dogmas, many turn away and apply themselves to plans for their eradication. In this effort they will receive superhuman assistance.

Following the demolition of destructive agencies, animate and inanimate, ye will concede the obvious

p. 80

need for a well implemented program devised to fire the imagination and arouse the aspirations of every member of the human family, in accord with their own individual ability to contribute to the Over-all Plan! Every faculty possessed by mortals may be fitted into the mosaic of New Age activities. In this way those formerly suffering frustration and defeat will feel a new surge of confidence in their competence to follow their clearly indicated aptitude for certain types of service in research, invention, mechanical skill, or whatever their talent may be, to a successful conclusion.

To this end hath it been ordained that many doors to knowledge hitherto barred to mortals, will be opened to those who through trials oft accounted unjust (and rightly so!) have, nevertheless, proven themselves to be worthy to receive the boon they long have sought. To them will be given the keys to mysteries long veiled from mortal eyes, awaiting the propitious time for their revealing.

Devious methods will be employed for the transmission of what be to many startling new facts regarding invisible forces, extremely powerful and yet (how wisely!) impossible to contact, or even apprehend from an intellectual standpoint, save by one elevated to a high level of spiritual awareness of the inviolable sanctity of any knowledge touching on energies emanating from Divinity Itself!

p. 81

Not in any promiscuous and haphazard fashion will the requisite aids to the acquisition of such supernal knowledge be provided. Many factors will enter into the bestowal of such gifts, chief of which will be the character of the one in quest of any particular type of information, and his purpose. These qualifications may best be ascertained by a survey of his objectives and achievements in past incarnations. Such an inspection would necessarily be done by a very advanced mentor or specialist appointed for the task. The person whose past record be subjected to such scrutiny be not consulted or conscious of the procedure. We might interject the comment that many highly evolved men and women now on earth have undergone such an investigation and have been approved for admittance to the tutelage of adepts, awaiting only the moment of the world's emancipation from the domination of destructive forces to begin their collaborative work with their students. This active partnership between one in close touch with the material world and one in direct contact with supernal knowledge will be one of the major marvels of the New Age. The person privileged to enjoy such a partnership may not be conscious of such assistance but may attribute the sudden flashes of "inspiration" to intuition but will surely recognize it as coming from a source higher than their own mind.

p. 82

However, it may be said in passing, that in almost every instance there will eventually evolve so close a companionship that it will be possible for the two co-workers to "visit" back and forth, from the Fourth to the Third Dimension at will, much to their mutual advantage and enjoyment!

AMEN! SO BE IT!      

p. 83


Another link has been forged between those residing upon your planet Shan and the galaxy of shining orbs (as you see them!) which compose the glittering firmament you see "above you." Actually, of course, it completely surrounds the globe whereon dwell those looking skyward at night-time from their particular section of the earth.

Oh, that all peoples could but realize how the encirclement by these illumined "stars" (no matter how far distant they may be as of earthly computation) provides the ultimate evidence that this "dark planet" may in time reach a similar stage of evolution, unless man himself decrees otherwise!

Could this fact be brought home to them, then would they accept a kindly word of counsel from the inhabitants of these and other progressed spheres and greatly profit by their proven knowledge of the beneficent action of universal Cosmic Laws, when correctly employed in a constructive manner.

Much has been written of late concerning certain visible contacts made by Space Men, or "Etherians," with inhabitants of Shan (the earth) residing in different areas of the planet. Their conversation is

p. 84

often alluded to as being carried on by "thought transference" or through the use of telepathy.

This brings to light a possibility given little consideration by those in quest of further information regarding any who have observed flying "unidentified objects" at incredible rates of speed. So impregnated have their minds become with thoughts of invasion by enemy forces (seen or unseen) that they reject the idea of a peaceful "invasion" or visitation by friendly neighbors wishing to courteously welcome them into the cooperative fraternity of constellations of celestial bodies peopled by those enjoying a type of intensely interesting existence impossible of attainment save by those who live in accord with Cosmic Law.

It is our desire to attract your attention and invite your confidence through visible manifestations of various kinds. However, do not for one moment conclude that this is our chief objective. God forbid!

Our revered and Beloved Jesus. the Christ, did "many mighty works" when He lived as a man among mortals, yet His real mission was to teach men the meaning of Life, both here and hereafter.

And so we rejoice that our vital mission to Shan is being recognized by many who meet and talk with us during the hours when their physical bodies are wrapped in slumber. The ideas, the truths, disclosed in these nocturnal conferences are stored in their.

p. 85

superconscious minds and our new friends later work them into the patterns of their daily lives.

As a matter of fact, it is of far more practical assistance in hastening the planet's delayed illumination, to change the "thought-currents" into the right channels, than it is for us to transmit knowledge of a scientific nature. Science perverted to destructive purposes, acts as a deadly menace!

Science directed into channels of dynamic activity which will lift the human race to a new, a higher type of existence in accord with its God-designed destiny, will bring into reality that Golden Age now dawning on the consciousness of all awakened souls. Our newly consummated contact with such souls is of profound significance to us and promises to play a major role in the emancipation of Shan from the domination of utterly subversive forces whether visible or invisible!

We pledge you our whole-hearted support in each and every constructive effort in every field of endeavor looking toward the illumination of your spirits, minds . . . yes, and the very earth on which your feet tread!

May our mission to Shan be blessed with a speedy success by the Father of us all and His Beloved Son, Jesus the Christ!

My love


—speaking for a mighty army of Space Men now in active service.

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