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The Texts of Taoism

Translated by James Legge

Part II of II

Sacred Books of the East, Volume 40


Title Page
Book XVIII. Kih Lo, or 'Perfect Enjoyment'
Book XIX. Tâ Shäng, or 'The Full Understanding of Life.'
Book XX. Shan Mû, or 'The Tree on the Mountain'
Book XXI. Thien Dze-fang.
Book XXII. Kih Pei Yû, or 'Knowledge Rambling in the North.'
Book XXIII. Käng-sang Khû.
Book XXIV. Hsü Wû-kwei
Book XXV. Zeh-yang
Book XXVI. Wâi Wû, or 'What comes from Without.'
Book XXVII. Yü Yen, or 'Metaphorical Language.'
Book XXVIII. Zang Wang, or 'Kings who have wished to resign the Throne'
Book XXIV. Tâo Kih, or 'The Robber Kih'
Book XXX. Yüeh Kien, or 'Delight in the Sword-fight.'
Book XXXI. Yü-fû, or 'The Old Fisherman.'
Book XXXII. Lieh Yü-khâu
Book XXXIII. Thien Hsiâ
The Thâi-Shang Tractate of Actions and Their Retributions


Appendix I. Khing Käng King, or 'The Classic of Purity.'
Appendix II. Yin Fû King, or 'Classic of the Harmony of the Seen and the Unseen.'
Appendix III. Yü Shû King, or 'The Classic of the Pivot of Jade.'
Appendix IV. Zäh Yung King, or 'Classic of the Directory for a Day.'
Appendix V. Analyses by Lin Hsî-kung of several of the Books of Kwang-dze
Appendix VI. List of Narratives, Apologues, and Stories of various kinds in the Writings of Kwang-dze
Appendix VII. The Stone Tablet in the Temple of Lâo-Dze. By Hsieh Tâo-Häng of the Sui Dynasty
Appendix VIII. Record for the Sacrificial Hall of Kwang-dze. By Sû Shih.
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