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68. He who in (Tâo's) wars has skill
    Assumes no martial port;
He who fights with most good will
    To rage makes no resort.
He who vanquishes yet still
    Keeps from his foes apart;
He whose hests men most fulfil
    Yet humbly plies his art.
Thus we say, 'He ne'er contends,
    And therein is his might.'
Thus we say, 'Men's wills he bends,
    That they with him unite.'
Thus we say, 'Like Heaven's his ends,
    No sage of old more bright.'

p. 112

, 'Matching Heaven.' The chapter describes the work of the practiser of the Tâo as accomplished like that of Heaven, without striving or crying. He appears under the figure of a mailed warrior ( ) of the ancient chariot. The chapter is a sequel of the preceding, and is joined on to it by Wû Khäng, as is also the next.

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