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The Texts of Taoism

Translated by James Legge

Part I of II

Sacred Books of the East, Volume 39

The Tâo Teh King (Tâo Te Ching) of Lâo Dze (Lao Tsu)

The Writings of Kwang-dze (Chuang-tse) (Books I-XVII)


The Tao Teh King, Part I
The Tao Teh King, Part II
The Writings of Kwang-dze: Introduction
The Writings of Kwang-dze

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Chapter I: Was Taoism Older Than Lao-Dze?
Chapter II: The Texts of the Tao Teh King and Kwang Sze Shû, as Regards Their Authenticity and Genuineness, and the Arrangement of Them
Chapter III: What is the Meaning of the Name Tâo? And the Chief Points of Belief in Tâoism
Chapter IV: Accounts of Lâo-Dze and Kwang-dze Given by Sze-mâ Khien
Chapter V: On the Tractate of Actions and their Retributions

The Tao Teh King, Part I

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Tao Teh King, Part II

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The Writings of Kwang-dze: Introduction

Book I: Hsiâo-yâo Yû
Book II. Khî Wû Lun
Book III. Yang Shang Kû
Book IV. Zän Kien Shih
Book V. Teh Khung Fû
Book VI. Tâ Zung Shih
Book VII. Ying Tî Wang
Book VIII. Phien Mâu
Book IX: Mâ Thî
Book X. Khü Khieh
Book XI. Zâi Yû
Book XII. Thien Tî
Book XIII. Thien Tâo
Book XIV. Thien Yün
Book XV. Kho Î
Book XVI. Shan Hsing
Book XVII. Khiû Shui
Book XVIII. Kih Lo
Book XIX. Tâ Shäng
Book XX. Shan Mû
Book XXI, Thien Dze-Fang
Book XXII. Kih Pei Yû
Book XXIII. Käng-Sang Khû
Book XXIV. Hsü Wû-Kwei
Book XXV. Zeh-yang
Book XXVI. Wâi Wû
Book XXVII. Yü Yen
Book XXVIII. Zang Wang
Book XXIX. Tâo Kih
Book XXX. Yüeh Kien
Book XXXI. Yü-Fû
Book XXXII. Lieh Yü-Khâu
Book XXXIII. Thien Hsiâ

The Writings of Kwang-dze

Book I: Hsiâo-yâo Yû, or 'Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease'
Book II: Khî Wû Lun, or 'The Adjustment of Controversies'
Book III: Yang Shang Kû, or 'Nourishing the Lord of Life'
Book IV: Zän Kien Shih, or 'Man in the World, Associated with other Men'
Book V: Teh Khung Fû, or 'The Seal of Virtue Complete'
Book VI: Tâ Zung Shih, or 'The Great and Most Honoured Master'
Book VII: Ying Tî Wang, or 'The Normal Course for Rulers and Kings'
Book VIII: Phien Mâu, or 'Webbed Toes.'
Book IX: Mâ Thî, or 'Horses's Hoofs'
Book X: Khü Khieh, or 'Cutting open Satchels.'
Book XI: Zâi Yû, or 'Letting Be, and Exercising Forbearance.'
Book XII: Thien Tî, or 'Heaven and Earth'
Book XIII: Thien Tâo, or 'The Way of Heaven.'
Book XIV: Thien Yün, or 'The Revolution of Heaven.'
Book XV: Kho Î, or 'Ingrained Ideas.'
Book XVI: Shan Hsing, or 'Correcting the Nature.'
Book XVII: Khiû Shui, or 'The Floods of Autumn.'