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p. 13


Nature 1 continues long. What is the reason that Nature continues long? Because it produces nothing for itself it is able to constantly produce.

It is for this reason that the Holy Man puts himself in the background; yet he comes to the front. He is indifferent to himself; yet he is preserved.

Is it not because he has no interests of his own that he is able to secure his interests?

The myth of Psyche and Eros is an exquisite illustration of the tragedy and mystery of life. Through seeking to gratify selfish curiosity Psyche lost all she cared for, and not until she had been purified by unmeasured suffering did she meet her beloved again. The Prodigal in Christ's parable only found his father when he lost all desire for a separated will.

Those who seek least enjoy most. Lao-tzu's allegory is one with the paradox of Jesus, that life is best found when lost, and most lost when found, for only the all-loving know life, and only the disinterested love all.


13:1 "Nature" here and in chap. 5 is "Heaven-Earth." See index.

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