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p. 229




INDRA said:


O Mahālakṣmī! I salute Thee,
Thou art Mahāmāyā 2 and Śrīpītha3
Worshipped art Thou by Devas,
Holder of conch, disc, and mace. 4
O Mahālakṣmī! I salute Thee.


O Mahālakṣmī! I salute Thee.
Mounted art Thou on the back of Garuda. 5
Thou art a terror most formidable to Asura Kola.
Thou removeth all sins.
O Devī Mahālakṣmī! obeisance to Thee.
O Mahālakṣmī!
Thou knowest all.

p. 230


Giver of boons art Thou to all;
Formidable terror to the wicked;
Remover of all pain and sorrow.
O Devī! salutation to Thee.


O Devī Mahālakṣmī!
Thou art the giver of intelligence and success,
And of both worldly enjoyment and liberation.
Thou art the self of Mantra1
O Mahālakṣmī! obeisance to Thee.


Thou art without beginning or end.
O Supreme Devī Mahālakṣmī!
Thou art the primeval power,
And art born of yoga.
O Mahālakṣmī! salutation to Thee.


Thou art both gross and subtle, 2
Thou art terrible and a great power,
Great-bellied art Thou. 3
Thou removeth all great sins.
O Mahālakṣmī! obeisance to Thee.

p. 231


O Devī Mahālakṣmī!
Thou art the supreme Brahman,
The ever-pervading Ātman.
Thou art the great Lord 1
And Mother of the world.
O Mahālakṣmī! Salutation to Thee.


O Devī clad in white raiment, 2
Adorned with varied gems.
Mother and upholder of the world art Thou.
O Mahālakṣmī! obeisance to Thee.


The Sādhaka 3 who ever reads 4 this hymn to Mahālakṣmī.
Composed of eight verses,
Attains a kingdom and all success.


Whosoever reads this hymn once a day
Is freed from sin,
He who reads it twice a day
Has ever abundance of paddy 5 and wealth.

p. 232


Whosoever reads this hymn thrice a day,
All his great enemies perish;
Mahālakṣmī ever bestows Her grace on him,
Grants him all boons,
And does him all good.


229:1 From the Brihatstotraratnākara, edited by Jagannātha Mehtā (Benares).

229:2 She who is both the Authoress and Victrix of Māyā (delusion), the supreme Śakti.

229:3 Abode of wealth and beauty.

229:4 The implements held by Viṣṇu, Her Spouse.

229:5 The bird-king carrier (vāhana) of Viṣṇu.

230:1 Mantrātmikā (see Introduction).

230:2 See Introduction.

230:3 Mahodari, for all things are in Her.

231:1 Maheśvarī.

231:2 Lakṣmī is generally clad in red and Sarasvatī in white, but the Supreme Śakti has all the attributes and qualities of the rest.

231:3 Worshipper. See Introduction to Tantra Śāstra.

231:4 Here follows the phala portion of the stotra.

231:5 When pūjā is done to Lakṣmī, the Mūrti (Lakṣmirkānta) is placed on paddy, which is kept in the Thakurghar for a whole year, and then thrown into the Ganges.