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I. PRELIMINARY TO THE WHOLE SUBJECT.--The atmosphere of the Middle Ages--After what manner the subsurface meanings in Graal books suggest the possibility of other concealments in literature about the same period--Mediæval mystic thought--Independent schools--The purpose of the present consideration--The assumption of a Secret Tradition--A question which arises there from--Multiplicity of traditions--A distinction between occult and mystic schools. II. SOME ALLEGED SECRET SCHOOLS OF THE MIDDLE AGES.--Albigensian sects and the misconceptions concerning them--Foolish attempt to connect them with the literature of the Holy Graal--The test question of Eucharistic doctrine in heresies--The Eucharist among the Manichæans--Albigenses from a Protestant standpoint--Various forms of the heresy--Persecution of all and sundry--The crusade under Innocent III.--Documentary evidence concerning points of Albigensian belief--The hostile evidence--On either assumption the Albigenses offer nothing to our purpose--The doctrine of transubstantiation--The speculations of Aroux--And those of the elder Rossetti--The argument from the Divine Comedy--Confusions on the subject of the Graal--Thesis concerning chivalry--An analogy from another controversy--General conclusion on the subject. III. THE LATIN LITERATURE OF ALCHEMY AND THE HERMETIC SECRET IN THE LIGHT OF THE EUCHARISTIC MYSTERY.--Development of two concurrent 

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secret schools at the period of the Graal--The claim of alchemy on the surface--The subsurface claim developed in later times--Declared object of the present research--Analogies of the arch-natural Eucharist--Correspondence with the notion of a voided House of Doctrine--Position of alchemy in respect of the first instance and of Kabalism in respect of the second--The period of transition in Hermetic literature--Byzantine Alchemy--Difficulties of the subject--The two schools of the Art--Their modern representatives--The terminology common to both--The one vessel--The alchemical matter--The Three Principles--Correspondences with the Holy Eucharist--Further concerning the alchemical matter--The Art as a Mystery of the Soul--Of purgations in Alchemy--Their correspondence in the experience of conversion--The Hermetic Stone--The Elixir--Of man as the whole Subject of the Art--Schedule of the chief process--Further concerning Eucharistic analogies--Distinctions in the order of symbolism--Summary of the catholic interpretation. IV. THE KABALISTIC ACADEMIES.--Of the Secret Language--The Mystery of Loss--The early schools of Kabalism--Its Theosophical Scheme--Of that which was taken from the Sanctuary of Israel--Analogies with Graal legend--The Holy Name--Accidental analogies between Graal and Kabalistic legend--Absence of all communication between the school of theosophy and the school of romance--Of Jewry in Spain and Southern France during the Middle Ages--Practical independence of all the coincident schools--The mind of Kabalism. V. THE CLAIM IN RESPECT OF TEMPLAR INFLUENCE.--An illustration of the romance of history--The Templars and the Latin Church--After what manner the Temple has been brought within the chain of the Secret Tradition--The Graal and Templarism--Nature of one hypothesis--

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[paragraph continues] Templar symbolism in Graal literature--The Temple and the Parsifal--What al--What is actual in the alleged connection--The Templars and Catholicism--The Graal and the Church--Questions of heresy--A matter of personal confession--Summary of the Templar hypothesis in respect of the Graal literature--Conclusion from the charges against the Order--Its true position--The ideal regarding it--The hypothesis abandoned. VI. THE GRAAL FORMULA IN THE LIGHT OF OTHER GLEANINGS FROM THE CATHOLIC SACRAMENTARY.--The Secret Orders and the Life of Sanctity--Depth and wonder of the Catholic Mass--Further concerning the verbal formula of consecration--Some errors of enthusiasm--Limitations of the Graal epoch--Traditional wonders of the Eucharist--Another side of the food-giving powers of the Graal--The first of the Divine Mysteries. VII. THE LAPIS EXILIS.--Dimensions of the Graal Stone--The Latin term of Wolfram--Renderings that are possible in the mystic sense--Stone and Chalice--Some scriptural analogies--Zoharic evidence--The Lost Word--Analogies that are far from the goal. VIII. THE ANALOGIES OF MASONRY.--(A) The Assumption of the Building Guild--The true values of genealogy--One point of correspondence between the Graal legends and Freemasonry--Romance of archæology--Historical side of Masonry--The minima of Masonic research--A distinction concerning three classes--An alternative concerning Masonry. (B) Masonry and Moral Science--The ethical position--That this is an unfit subject of symbolism--Comparative failure of the proposed instrument--Intimation that there is another side of Masonry. (C) A Theory of Hermetic Interference--Concerning early Craft records--Voyages of speculation--The authority of Ragon--After what manner he recites the invention of the symbolical 

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grades--Their true understanding stated apart from their origin. (D) One Key to the Sanctuary--Craft and High Degrees--Conclusion concerning ethical doctrine--Of certain studies recommended to the candidate by Masonry--After what manner we are to understand the symbolism of buildings--Of spiritual temples--The House of Doctrine--The Master and the question proposed to him--How the House of Doctrine was built on a different plan--The Secret of the King--The Temple in the heart--Concerning Rites of Initiation--The Tables of the Law--A secret deposit in Jewry--The Voided House in Masonry--The Masonic House of Christian Doctrine--A legend of Templar vengeance--An illustration from the High Degrees--The vacant sepulchre--Testimony of another High Grade--Masonic Orders of Chivalry--The Voided House of Christian Doctrine--Concurrence of Graal literature and Masonic implicits--The position of Masonry in respect of official religion--Conclusion as regards Masonry. IX. THE HALLOWS OF THE GRAAL MYSTERY RE-DISCOVERED IN THE TALISMANS OF THE TAROT.--Of sudden lights seen in unlooked-for places--Of playing-cards and the Book of Thoth--Concerning Tarot symbols as a treasure of the secret schools--Of available handbooks--Particulars concerning Tarot cards--The four palmary symbols--Their substantial identity with Graal Hallows--General conclusion as to the schools of symbolism--Secret doctrines and secret schools--Of one withdrawn school--Loss and gain--The restoration of all things.

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