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The Master-Singers of Japan, by Clara A. Walsh, [1914], at

p. 105


A.D. 1610–1701

A Priest whose reputation as a scholar attracted the attention of the famous Daimio of Mito, Mitsukuni, who caused a vast library to be collected and maintained scholars for researches which resulted in the compilation of the Dainihoushi = "History of Japan."


By Keichiu

The Spring hath bent its magic bow
The heavens eterne, the earth below
Rich with its hidden ore, are veiled
       In mist-wreaths grey.
High on the mountain-ledge the snow
Melts, and once-frozen ponds o’erflow
       This first Spring day.
The plum-trees’ branches gently sway
From the young blossoms’ fair array
The nightingale trills forth her song
       So tender-sweet.

Now memories of the bygone year
Fade in our hearts, new joys appear
       Our hopes to greet.

p. 106

When can we to the meadows pass,
To pluck the herbs among the grass?
When will the budding willows flame
       In living gold?
When will the cherry-blossoms glow?
To-day, in minds of high and low,
       These thoughts unfold!

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